YOU GUYS!!!! LympheDIVAs now has full finger compression gloves!!


When I was diagnosed with Lymphedema after my  mastectomy surgery they handed me a beige compression sleeve and I was like “Do I look like I wear beige?“. :) 

That’s when I discovered LympheDIVAs The sleeves are beautiful, comfortable and they always have a few fun ones for us edgier gals.

12276727_893879457325794_361851764_nUse the code: ENCORE for 15% off your order. :)

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Hello my friends with Lymphedema!!

screen-capture-1Do you know about LympheDIVAs?? I wear their compression sleeves and they have gorgeous Class 1 & 2 medical compression sleeves and Gauntlets and they now carry Gloves with finger compression!! Wahooo!!

I collect sleeves like I do shoes!! A different design for every outfit! :)

They have given me a coupon code to share with you. Use the code: ENCORE for 15% off.


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More about ENCORE

CTV News did a story about ENCORE and the fundraiser we are having at Tattoo Zoo tomorrow. If you’ve ever wanted to see me in a bathing-suit … now is your chance. :)

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11375406_1507908052854795_1891728936_nThank you to Swimco for your support of the YWCA Encore After Breast Cancer exercise program here in Victoria.

Swimco is my favourite place to buy a exercise bathinsuit. The fitters they have at the store are so awesome. They never make me feel weird about having 1 boob and they make sure I’m in a suit that fits me properly and is comfortable.

Swimco recently donated to my ENCORE group and I am so thankful!! :)


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Tattoo Zoo Halloween Fundraiser!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Tattoo Zoo is having a Halloween fundraiser!

11917803_971942806204345_363330448_n100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program and The Callanish Society.

Gerry’s wife Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2013. She did her treatment and once she left the care of the Cancer Center … was left to acclimatize herself from being a full time patient back to being a “normal” person again.

Breast cancer treatment can be very isolating and Sarah struggled with depression, anxiety and had a difficult time finding her way back to being social. She felt very much like a new-born baby deer. Her legs were unsteady and she was unsure of herself.

Sarah started the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program through a recommendation from her oncologist in early 2014 and did the program 3x before she decided to train to be a teacher and is now volunteering as an instructor for this years 2015 session of Encore.

Encore changed my life! I found Breast Cancer treatment extremely isolating and the Encore program at the Y pulled me out of my self imposed cocoon and helped me realize that life is about balance. Mind, body and spirit.

Having peer support and being with other woman who have similar scars, similar experiences and who just “get it” when you talk about your treatment – is incredibly comforting. The educational aspect of the classes are also helpful. We learned about nutrition, lymphedema, meditation, yoga, dragon boating, etc. Most importantly Encore helped me get back in touch with my body by getting me to be physical again. I learned that the more I move my body – the better I feel.

We start each Encore class in the pool and I found that the water is very healing. Some of the lasting collateral damage of cancer treatment is pain. I had a lot of joint and bone pain and because of Encore I discovered that being in the water and doing Aquafit gave me relief from pain. I now do Aquafit every single day!! Encore was just the tonic I needed to help me transition from cancer patient to a thriving cancer survivor and I will be forever grateful to the Y for this program.”

The money raised from the TZ fundraiser will help offset the costs of running the ENCORE program.

Sarah also went away to a week long retreat through the Callanish Society. The retreat is a six-night experience of immersion into personal reflection and community engagement— and Sarah emerged with a renewed connection with life. Participants experience a foundational shift towards inner peace and happiness, a new perspective that carries them forward.

“My time at Callanish is something that is impossible to explain and what it did for me is immeasurable. It helped me connect with the grief I felt during my cancer treatment, we visited old wounds and I learned how to let go of my grief with love and compassion for myself. My trip to Brew Creek and the time I spent with the facilitators and participants at Callanish is something I will carry in my heart forever.”

So as you can see why … everyone at TZ is thrilled to participate in this event and give some much needed support to these two incredible resources for woman who have finished cancer treatment.

Thank you for your support. :)

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My heart is so heavy today. My friend Peter passed away 15 years ago and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about him.

12079790_10153059716326971_3649816746600880272_oOn of my favourite things to do with him was sit side by side on his couch and listen to LP’s from start to finish. He was so passionate about the music and read every liner note. He always had a story to tell about something. I miss his laugh. The way he ran his fingers through that beautiful mop of hair he had.

He was a very tall dude (and I’m very wee) and when we held hands it looked like I had a baby hand. We used to joke that his hands were the size of a ham. He was one of my very best friends and was a big brother/guardian angel. He watched over me and made sure I was ok.

I had a string of abusive boyfriends in high school/university and Peter was the first person to tell me that I deserved better. That I was worthy of love. He said “All of the bad shit in your life that you experience is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. You deserve better. Do you get that? You deserve to be happy.”

I still have one of his famous Mixed Tapes that he made special for me when I moved away from Regina to Victoria. I have a tape-player in storage that I’ve saved just so I can listen to this tape from time to time. I’m going to listen to it today … smile emoticon

Cherish your loved ones, friends. Life is short.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.

12087079_10153119745887536_1382505218671071642_oI find this time of year difficult – especially watching my friends and loved ones gnaw away on what used to be a beautiful bird.

Did you know that turkeys are intelligent and sensitive animals that are highly social. They create lasting social bonds with each other and are very affectionate; rather similar to dogs.

Why not break from tradition this year and put food on your holiday table that isn’t dead. ‪#‎govegan‬ ‪#‎whatkindofassholeeatsaturkey‬

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Hippie Foods

11934588_1503929083257007_1649913724_nI have to say a big giant THANK YOU to Hippie Foods for donating treats to eat for my YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer program.   :)

We do a lot of exercising in this program (aquafit, land exercises, etc) to get back into shape and it’s nice to have a beautiful healthy snack to re-fuel our bodies.

Thank you again Hippie Foods! You guys are awesome.

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Thinklandia 2015

I was invited to participate again for Thinklandia 2015. I did a presentation last year and this year I was asked to host/moderate a panel for the PERSPECTIVE evening and have a conversation with with Bif Naked, Rae Spoon and Jason Verners.

11821077_1520888198202831_330482742_nThe roof of the Yates St Parkade was turned into an event space and it was a magical thing. They did a beautiful job of transforming the space. :)

I was a little nervous as I haven’t been doing a lot of public speaking lately but I wrote a little introduction speech. Practiced a few times and when I hit the stage it was like riding a bike. I had a lot of fun …

The night was SO COLD that we all wore our jackets on stage. I even found a Snuggie backstage and wore that so I could stay warm …

11925531_818015524971415_1384437543_nRae, Jason and Bif’s individual speeches were great and I think our panel was a good balance of serious conversation and fun. The event was filmed so I’m hoping the video will end up somewhere online. :)
11849946_477447039099931_360561738_nThe next day I spent the afternoon with my dear sweet friend Bif. We are both so busy that we never get to spend time with each other so it was a real treat to have lunch and time to wander the streets of Victoria and just talk.

I took her to Be Love for lunch. 11934634_1494991580817067_113803428_nAnd then we wandered around downtown poking into different shops. I also took her into the old Sarah’s Place location which is now my friend Honor’s jewelry shop Tonic. It’s always weird going back into that old space but it also feels good to see Honor’s shop thriving. :)

11910255_892380337509707_1961190185_nI can’t believe how busy Sept has been … I hosted this event, I’m getting ready to start teaching Aquafit for the ENCORE program at the Y. I have been selling my vintage goodies at local vintage fairs and in a few weeks I will be going to Calgary with some of the staff of Tattoo Zoo for the Calgary Tattoo Convention AND to top it all off I am the shop manager at Tattoo Zoo. It feels good. :)

In other news Gerry and I have been working with the city (with the help of Teri from Oscar & Libby’s) on an art project for the intersection of Fort/Blanshard. It’s an exciting time …


In other other news Fergus got a nice fall haircut from Top Dog. They do such a good job on him … he was so fluffy and smelled amazing until he found a dead otter at the park and rolled in it. Ha ha. What a jerk.

11337170_407330936136511_98056407_n11899712_1030418360322745_1589415419_nWhat’s new with you?

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It’s my favourite time of year … we had a beastly summer. Ugh. It was so hot that I hardly wanted to go outside and poor Fergus just lay in front of the fan and would only go for a walk if it was night-time. We lived like vampires and only ventured outside when the sun went down.

Well the heat is finally gone and the crisp cool Pacific North West air is back and so we have been hiking up a storm. :)

One of the best things about living here on the island is that I can hop in my car and 15-20 minutes later I can be deep in the forest. On Sunday we hiked through Gowllend Tod Park. These guys were just standing there waiting for me. Hi!!

11899582_886208058131499_577411265_nAny time I get into the woods and start walking around I am overcome by the beauty of it all. How lucky am I to have this available to me whenever I want!!

11856847_776815879107742_1180360639_nI accidentally wore army green pants and my army green camouflage jacket. Can you see me??

11262735_720981741339697_908138094_nIt was a blustery day. Not cold but windy and rainy. The kind of rain that is super small and almost misty. It pelts your face and feels like you’re in a sandstorm. We hiked to the top of Holmes Peak and walked into the biggest most intense rainbow I’ve ever seen.

11939649_1497456340565882_1379480211_nIt was perfection and worth the blister on the back of my heel from my rubber boots. I think it might be time to invest in some Wills hiking boots.

Here I am hiding … you can’t see me because of all my camouflage.  Bah ha ha.

11950547_1625472194399874_2107849478_nI realized while we were hiking that the most amazing thing has happened. I am fit. Like we hiked to the top of that giant hill and I was barely winded. My legs were powerful and I only had to stop once to catch my breath and that’s because I was “double timing” it up a steep section of stairs.

My body was so weak after chemo I never thought I’d get my strength back but little by little and I have moved from weak former cancer patient into strong healthy lady who likes to climb up hills. Daily Aquafit has been good to me. My body is stronger, my cardio has expanded. I’m a jock!! ha ha.

Even pre-cancer Sarah didn’t like to be this physical. She didn’t like to get sweaty or mess up her hair. Post-cancer Sarah likes to get sweaty and see how far she can push her physical limits but she still doesn’t like to mess up her hair…  :)

On Monday we ventured to John Dean park.  What a beautiful park … and so many different paths you can take.

11910042_1473000396338799_409856705_nWe climbed all the way up to Pickles’ Bluff. The view was incredible …

11909409_897779793643224_1259232097_nIt was a little slow-going when we had to climb the stairs back up to the path – my knees were a little sore from the previous days hike and I didn’t have as much power in my legs but my 15 year old senior dog was raring to go. He is like a little billy goat when we go hiking.  :)
11925699_1152822644734263_81546501_n On the drive back home we stopped at various road-side stalls and picked up some food. YUM!! 11254137_500563240104568_578171826_nI made a pear, apple, fennel, ginger juice and it was the best way to end our day.

11931084_400832293448528_977619041_nIn other news … My “space” where my breast used to be is incredibly itchy. Does that mean I’m going to kiss a fool? :)





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