Tough as nails

This photo of Geri from a Tough As Nails show popped up in my memories and reminded me of something today…

Our roots are steeped deeply in punk rock. It’s where as young queer teens that Geri and I found solace, support and our core values.

Taught us to follow our beliefs and to be open to learn about others. It’s where our DIY entrepreneurial fearlessness comes from. Our knowledge that our strength comes from community! It taught us to flout gender norms and create spaces to be open and available to everyone (except nazis).

It taught us about tenacity and problem solving and gave us a way to walk through the world knowing that even though we were different – that didn’t mean we couldn’t make a difference.

Most importantly it gave us the freedoms to create. That creativity in all forms is our life’s blood and to always be creating.

How lucky am I that I get to do all that with my best friend and business partner Geri (photo posted with permission)

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