Sarah’s 2020 Vegan Eating Guide for Downtown Victoria!

Hi Friends!!
Here’s my updated 2020 Vegan Eating Guide for Downtown Victoria BC Canada!! 🙂

Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten something.

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Had an old filling replaced today.

Having procedures done to me (no matter how benign) are triggering for me as a former breast cancer patient.

Surrendering your body to a doctor is a very vulnerable place for me and being poked and prodded gives me a lot of anxiety.

I’ve been working on identifying my triggers, acknowledging them and today I was able to actually relax enough that I FELL ASLEEP during my procedure.

I feel very proud of myself. I would pop my tongue but it is so frozen – I can’t feel it.

BTW I asked my dentist to hold back on the epinephrine as it makes my heart race. It means the freezing doesn’t hold as long but it makes for a much easier time for me. #selfcare

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Thank you

I’m having a very sad-sack kind of day.

I’m working (very slowly) on a book about my cancer experience and it’s really difficult to revisit. Dipping my toe back into a dark pond of grief is tough stuff so I popped onto Instagram for a break from my misery and found this incredible letter in my messages.

IT MADE MY DAY!! Thank you friend. You are so lovely. 🙂

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Hearts on Noses

We recently dissolved the Victoria Vegan Fest Society (I don’t have the energy to do another festival) and I took my portion of the $$ and sent it to Janice Gillett over at Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary.

Sanctuary work is tireless and they’re always in need of help (both financial and physical help). If you want to learn more about them check out their website HERE.

Click on their donation page if you can. Even a few bucks can go a long way. 🙂

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La Dolce Vegan

Hello my Loves!
My publishers are probably not going to do any more reprints of LDV so if you’ve
thought about buying a copy or want to buy an extra copy just in case – now is the time.

I don’t have any extra copies so you’ll have to find them on the web or in stores.

This little lady was on the shelves for almost 15 years and she is my favourite of the 4 books I wrote. I feel so lucky to have been on the shelves for that long. ❤️


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In 2008 I was so famous that people would talk to me while I was peeing in the stall. 😜

She said through the door “Are you Sarah Kramer??” I said “Yes, but let’s talk after I’m done peeing.” 😂

The woman was so excited to see me that she took a photo of me washing my hands.

I just found this photo on my computer and it made me LOL. Whoever you are lady – I’ll remember our interaction forever. 😍

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Our winter session for ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program runs Jan 26th to March 26th. If you know a breast cancer survivor in the area who might benefit from the class – please send them my way! The course is FREE and comes with a 2 month membership to the downtown Y!! 💗

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I’m turning 50 this summer and to celebrate I am only doing things this year that make me feel good. 😍

First order of business is I made an appointment for a Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage at Sacred Space.


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Here’s a little article about ENCORE!! Click picture to see larger version.  😉

With the help of our wonderful Tattoo Zoo clientele we were able to raise $2500 for the ENCORE Program and $2500 for Callanish Cancer Retreats.

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4 years

4 years ago today I finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. Chemo was a mountain I thought I would never get to the top of. It required the kind of endurance and intestinal fortitude I didn’t know I had…

At one point I had to stop looking at the mountain top because I felt like I would never get there… I shifted my focus to my feet and worked on one forward step at a time.

If you are struggling with your chemo, radiation or recovery or with any aspect of your life that seems too high to scale then I encourage you to put on some leopard pants and a sequin sweater and take one step forward. It will get you closer to your goal and before you know it you’ll be at the top of that fucking mountain doing a victory dance!!

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