So much to talk about today.

First. My good friend Wolffie (of LDV fame) has a new website called Vegan No Sweat.com where she sells all sorts of cute Vegan T-shirts that are also 100% sweatshop free. Check her store out and her MySpace while you’re at it.

Second. I took some wicked photos during filming of Meat Market 3. Probably the only Vegan Friendly Zombie movie ever made. 🙂

I posted my favourite shots HERE. If you don’t like zombies, fake blood or gore… do not proceed any further. If you’re in the Victoria BC area and want to be in the movie contact Brian.

Third… Those crazy kids at the Sarah Kramer Fan Club were interviewed for the TVA podcast. You can listen to them HERE. They were interviewed about 11 mintutes in.

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  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Wolfie’s T-shirts look great. Thanks for the link.
    And your photos look kinda gory, but I like horror movies, so thanks for that too.

  2. wolffie says:

    Thanks for the mention, kiddo. You’re the best!

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