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I ordered some amazing bowls from Flavour Design the other day.

The Buddha bowl is so nice to hold. Perfect for oatmeal in morning or a giant cup of tea in the afternoon. We’ve really been enjoying this bowl and it’s sooooooo pretty. The Udon Bowl we used for dinner last night and it’s just such a nice bowl to hold in your hands. I worked 8 hours today so dinner wasn’t fancy but it sure was good. Gerry and I picked up some smoked tofu, onion, mini-squash, baby carrots, broccoli and kale and threw it all in the fry-pan. My new fav thing to toss into a simple stir fry is some Black Bean Garlic Sauce that I picked up in China Town. I’m off to work to paint more walls at the shop. Jeepers… painting makes you realize how out of shape you really are. 🙂

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  1. Urban Vegan says:

    i buy the exact same sauce, sarah. i love it, too. it’s great with extra firm cubes of tofu, red pepper, onion, garlic and ginger. yum.

  2. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love those bowls!!

  3. KleoPatra says:

    I *heart* that black bean garlic sauce as well! It makes already good food that much better. Good choice!

  4. veganfreak says:

    those bowls are AWSUM (as the aol IM kiddies would say)

  5. Patti says:

    I love that sauce too. You can get it in some regular markets in the states. That same company makes a few sauces that a really nice (and vegan.)

    Love the bowls!

  6. buggy says:

    I’m all over that sauce like the cat on the dog on the Ikea curtains in my bedroom. I do a mix of sauces with the stirfry I top my soup noodles with. As a whole, they get a bit salty, but as they’re topping noodles in soup, it all balances out in a happily quick ‘n delicious meal. My sauce mix of the moment: the black bean sauce, veg hoisin sauce, mushroom stir fry sauce (the veg alternative to oyster sauce), and my favourite soy-based chili sauce. Most of those (minus the chili sauce) are Lee Kum kee brand. I grew up with stuff. But not the sauce mixing. That’s just me being weird. 🙂 I mean adventurous.

  7. Talisa says:

    I use a different Black Bean sauce, but I love to use it all the same. Tastes good on EVERYTHING, eh? Or maybe not everything. Hahah.

  8. Kramers says:

    please send me the green one.
    actually- I would like two of them.
    no- four of them.


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