bowls bowls bowls

I ordered some amazing bowls from Flavour Design the other day.

The Buddha bowl is so nice to hold. Perfect for oatmeal in morning or a giant cup of tea in the afternoon. We’ve really been enjoying this bowl and it’s sooooooo pretty. The Udon Bowl we used for dinner last night and it’s just such a nice bowl to hold in your hands. I worked 8 hours today so dinner wasn’t fancy but it sure was good. Gerry and I picked up some smoked tofu, onion, mini-squash, baby carrots, broccoli and kale and threw it all in the fry-pan. My new fav thing to toss into a simple stir fry is some Black Bean Garlic Sauce that I picked up in China Town. I’m off to work to paint more walls at the shop. Jeepers… painting makes you realize how out of shape you really are. 🙂

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