First class

Went to my first photography class tonight. It was fun…Some stuff we covered I already knew but I also learned a fair bit and I know I’ll learn more as the weeks roll on. A nice mix of people as well… I wasn’t the youngest or the oldest so that felt good. *laugh*The best part is that unlike the last time I was in school (some time in the late 80’s) I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or to answer something even if the answer might be wrong and I wasn’t obsessing over that shi**y boy who said he liked me but ignored me when other people were around. It feels great to be a grown up.

Then I came home to this…
Gerry’s practicing his Zombie faces for filming on Friday.

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  1. aukelle says:

    creeeeepyy, way to go!

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    Thanks Aud
    Have you gone to Winterpeg yet?

  3. KleoPatra says:

    Can’t wait to see you grow as a photographer! You already do SOOOOO much. Bless you for that…

    I wonder… What’s next for Sarah!?!?!

    Pesach peace,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gerry scares me hehehe

  5. Marmot says:

    I have graduated contact lenses in a pink spiral.. is kind of weird but I love them!

    Good luck with your classes.


  6. Kramers says:

    Sounds fun. Good for you Sarah. You are a fantastic photographer.

  7. AngelA says:

    photo class hmmm? that’s awesome.
    I’ve been recently accepted in to York for their masters programme… soon I’ll be able to teach photo classes…

    what kind of photo-class is it?


  8. Sarah's Blog says:

    It’s a introduction to photography class. I already know quite a bit… but there’s lots I don’t know and understand.

    Like apertures. Ugh. Can’t get my brain around it. : )

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