What I did on my summer vacation – LA – Go-Go’s Star Ceremony – part 2

We got up early to get ready for the Star Ceremony … OH SHIT! Surprise. Guess who got their period.  🙁 I started feeling sick right away so I popped some pills (which I never do) because I did not want to miss the ceremony because of cramps. Can you imagine?

When we arrived to the ceremony there was a VIP area and I grabbed my VIP pass and wiggled my way to the front to a spot near the star.

I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for being so close to the front but I wanted to be able to see everything (I’m super short).

I managed to get almost right in front of the star and got some great photos of the Ladies and the star. This one is my favourite because of the woman standing behind Jane. She’s covering her eyes because of all the flashbulbs. It was intense.

All the ladies looked amazing but I thought Jane looked FANTASTIC!!

She went old-school Hollywood glamour with a Marilyn wig and a retro dress that I got for her from Bettie Page clothing.

Jane spoke for the band at the ceremony (read transcript here) and it was incredibly touching …

Can you imagine walking the streets of LA as a teenager and then one day receiving a star on the Walk of Fame right in front of the very spot your punk band used to rehearse?? Goosebumps!

When the ceremony was over the ladies posed for photos. I’ve never seen a paparazzi scrum in real life and it was incredible.

A wall of lights flashing and the photographers yelling different names to get the ladies attention. Insanity.

Then the ladies walked over to the fences and gave autographs to the awaiting fans … This is a photo of Gina being swallowed up by the crowd.

I was standing watching the GG’s sign autographs and people kept screaming at me “JANE JANE! Sign my photo” I looked around to see where Jane was and I realized they were talking to me. I was like “Um … she’s over there” and pointed to the tiny blond woman standing in front of them.

While the GG’s were signing autographs I started schmoozing. First person I went over to say hi to was Bill Morrison of Simpsons fame. I work on he (and Jane’s) Lady Robotika website and we had never met in person so it was a treat to finally meet him in person.

As I walked around and met people – everyone asked me if I was Jane’s sister and more then one person congratulated me on my star and told me my speech was wonderful. What?? Did they think I was Jane? Did they not just see her 10 minutes ago in a blonde wig?? This continued to happen for the rest of the night. It was hilarious.

I looked around for Jane to see if she need anything from me and I saw her talking to a few people from the SadSadConversation.

I almost died on the spot. Standing in front of me was Steve Agee, Phil LaMarr and Samm Levine. I’m fans of all three of these gentleman. Steve is SO TALL I immediately felt comfortable around him (must be because Gerry is almost as tall) and talking to Phil was like talking to an old friend. Instant chemistry. Phil also asked if I was Jane’s sister … 🙂

I grabbed Bill and make him take a photo of all of us together.

I don’t really get nervous or giddy around celebrities. Not sure why … maybe it’s because my parents ran a theater company and I’ve been surrounded by actors/performers my entire life – but I could barely say two words to Samm Levine. I was SO excited to meet him. I wanted to let him know how much I loved Freaks and Geeks and all I could blurt out was “I like you…” *laugh*

Once the crowd dispersed my friends and I posed around the star. AGGGH!! Was all of this real?

As we walked up the street to the Roosevelt hotel for the after-party (VIP passes have their privileges)… a hobo came up to me with a dirty newspaper and asked me to sign an autograph. I said to him “I’m not anybody” and he pulled out a disposable camera and took a photo of me.

Then another man came running up behind me yelling “Jane! Jane!” he had a GIANT Go-Go’s sign around his neck. It was lit up with x-mas bulbs (and I assume a battery pack). I was so unnerved that everyone thought I was Jane that I waved to him and kept walking. I wish I had stopped and taken a photo with him.

We walked into The Roosevelt and into a private area reserved for the party and that’s when the insanity really started…



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