What I did on my summer vacation – LA Go-Go’s Star Ceremony – part 1

The Go-Go’s were given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Aug and I was NOT about to miss such a historic occasion. Not only were the ladies receiving a star but the star is located directly in front of where The Masque used to be which is the club that bands like The Go-Go’s, X, The Germs, etc all got their start there.


I hopped a plane down to LA and I was so incredibly impressed with Alaska Airlines choice of veggie snacks. Vegan and Gluten free? HELLS YES!! If the crackers had been soy free then the entire package would have been perfect but that’s a first world problem isn’t it?

Arrived at Jane‘s and got settled in … basically I spent as much time as I could canoodling with her dogs. What a motley crew she has …

Don’t tell The Twins .. but Peanut is my favourite. 🙂

The view of downtown LA from Jane’s loft is amazing …

Her loft is amazing too!!!

We all hit the hay early … big day tomorrow! 🙂


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