I was dreamin’ when I wrote this … part 1

Forgive me if it goes astray! I just got back from a weekend away in Toronto! I don’t even remember the last time I had this much fun … and I spent the summer running around with the Go-Go’s!! 🙂

My primary reason for going to Toronto was to see Prince in concert with my Best Besty Sister Friend Shoshana.

We’ve known each other since daycare (long-time) and when we were in high-school we had total lady-boners for Prince.  We snuck in to see Purple Rain at the theater (it was restricted) and would listen to her cassette tape of the soundtrack over and over again! When I found out Prince was touring Canada – I knew I had to go see him with Sho. 🙂

My flight to Toronto was fast and easy … I brought with me a veggie stir-fry for lunch and all of the flight attendants ooh’d and aaahh’d over what I had brought. Then my seatmate asked me if I had enough to share. *laugh*

I love WestJet. They’re a great airline and I really enjoy flying with them … but boy howdy to their food choices ever suck. All they sell is crappy snack food and none of it is vegan friendly or even healthy for that matter. I wish they would take a page from Alaska Air and start selling snacks like THIS.

Anyway … arrived in Toronto and headed to Sho’s house (thanks for picking me up from the airport Jen!) and we settled in for the night.

The next day I slept until about 9:30 and woke up to find myself alone in the house and in a daze … geez. That 3 hour time difference is really hard when you fly East. I got dressed and waited for Sho to come back from dropping of her son at school.

We hung out at the house for a while and caught up and then we hit up Fresh for lunch. I had Dosa’s. SO YUM!

After lunch we headed to Snakes & Lattes where I was doing a “Meet & Greet”

Snakes & Lattes is such a cool cafe. It’s a Board Game cafe (yes board game) where you can sit with friends and have a nosh, drink some coffee and play from a wide selection of games.

If I had known how vegan friendly their menu was I would have skipped fresh and eaten there. Not only is there a ton of vegan stuff but tons of gluten free as well!

GF donuts!!! 🙂

The gathering was small at S&L but it didn’t matter. That meant I could spend more one on one time with the people who came out to say hi!

The little girl beside me is named Ruby.

We had a great time hanging out!! 🙂

I got to meet Willie from Until We Eat Again! blog …

A BIG thank you to the Snakes & Lattes crew for organizing the event.  🙂

After S&L we drove to pick up Henry from school and we hung out for a while watching vintage Super Friends…

and then decided to go to Hogtown Vegan for an early dinner.

Henry and Graham REALLY enjoy iPad. 🙂

I must warn those of you who are sf/gf – Hogtown Vegan doesn’t have a lot of food for us but they did cobbble together a nice plate for me of Collard Greens and they made me the Roasted Sweet Potato sandwich and used their gf chickpea bread instead of what they normally use. It was DELISH!! I love comfort food and this really hit the spot big time!! 🙂

OH MY GOD!! One more sleep till Prince!!

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  1. Marissa says:

    Thanks Sarah! Ruby had a lot of fun that day.

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