I was dreamin’ when I wrote this … part 2

Woke up excited … and ready to party like it was 1999 but it was only 9am and Prince wasn’t playing until 8pm. What to do? What to do? Henry knew just what to do. He wanted to build a couch fort.

I asked Henry if he wanted to go to the toystore to pick out a toy (my treat) but he decided he wanted to play soccer outside instead …

What a kid. 🙂

Before we knew it … it was time for me and Sho to head to see Prince at the ACC.

Our seats were pretty great … but after watching the show I have to say that I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.

The stage is in the shape of his symbol O(+> and so everyone in the stadium got a 360 view of the show. There was also screens all around the stage so if Prince is at the far end of the stage you can still see what’s happening.

As we were sitting down Sho noticed Mark McKinney from Kids in The Hall sitting just a few seats away from us.

Prince came on stage about 8:45 and Sho grabbed me and said “Is this real?”

We were both overcome with emotion and she started to cry and then I started to cry and … it was glorious!! 🙂

Prince is amazing live. He’s 53 years old and has the body of a teenager, his voice is still incredible (maybe better) and his guitar playing is insane. It was so so so cool to watch him do his thing live.

The show is really well done. The stage, the screens, the lights, the band … everything. I don’t want to over-sell it but I think it has to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible to me that he can turn an arena show with this many thousands of people watching … and make it feel like an intimate show.

Speaking of intimate. At one point he did a 8 minute version of Little Red Corvette – and I heard the lyrics in a way that I never heard them before. Something happened to me during that song … I started blushing. I started sweating and feeling really weird. I felt like Prince was flirting and singing that song just for me. I actually had to sit down for a second because I was completely overcome with emotion and started crying. WHAT!!??

During the almost THREE HOUR show Prince asked everyone to pull out their cell phones and wave them … I managed to catch some of it on video.

There is nothing more life affirming then being with that many thousands of people who are collectively enjoying themselves. Prince is joy personified and he has inspired me to enjoy my life even more then I do now. Thank you Prince.

There were 2 encores … and in between encores I met up with this lovely lady. She’s a fan of the books and it was so cool to meet her and chat about Prince.

It must have been the Vegan section at the show because sitting in the row in front of me was another couple of people who knew me from the books. VEGANS!! 🙂

It was such a great experience and I’m so happy I was able to see Prince with Shoonie.

On the way out of the ACC we saw Jian Ghomeshi hanging out …

And we practically floated back to the house … we then lay in bed together like we did when we were teenagers and giggled and talked about how much we loved Prince. *laugh* I could barely sleep because my adrenaline was pumping.

As I started to fall asleep I wondered Prince (who’s a vegetarian) would pop into Sarah’s Place when he comes to Victoria to play his show. I think I would die on the spot. Die. DIE! I had so much fun at the show – I am considering going to the Victoria show.

The rest of my visit in Toronto was spent with my friends … my dear lovely friends Jen, Kieran, Gavin, Sho, Mo, Henry, Graham, Teresa … friends who are like family. They love me. They get me. They support me. They are amazing …

We had a big family dinner at Sho’s where I completely forgot to take any photos (what?). I made the Curry Fennel Cauliflower Bake from Go Vegan! w/Sarah Kramer app (have you downloaded it yet?) and we feasted on a vegan smorgasbord of food.

After everyone left – Sho, Mo and myself hung out in the living room and talked into the wee hours. Nobody on the planet makes me laugh as hard as these two.

They are the ones who wrote the theme song for my Go Vegan! w/Sarah Kramer app. You can download the kickass song HERE and if you search for it with your iphone you can also get it as a ringtone.

On the flight home from my whirlwind trip … all I could think was that I was the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing family of friends. What a weekend. 🙂

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