Wowzers. What a weekend I’ve had … Saturday night I got dressed up in my most sparkly outfit and headed down to the SOFA (Save on Foods Arena) to see Prince play again!

I hummed and hawed about going – wasn’t sure I was going to go but a few days before the concert my friend Kimmee texted me to let me know that she had an extra ticket and did I want to come? “Twist my rubber arm! YES!”

I met Kimmee in 2008 when I performed in The Vagina Monologues and during the process of the play we became fast friends. We are the same age. Have the same kind of crazy artistic family background, we are nuts for dogs and CRAZY 4 PRINCE!! I was so excited to go see Prince with someone who is as looney about Prince as I am!! 🙂

The concert was EPIC!! Another stellar show – and interestingly enough – completely different vibe the show I saw a few weeks ago in Toronto.

The first 1/3 of the show was a lot more jazz/funk infused and also included the incredible Maceo Parker on saxophone (who I don’t think played the Toronto show I saw – but I could be mistaken).

Our seats were awesome … I have a serious “hair crush” on Andy Allo who plays guitar in the NPG. 🙂

I danced my ASS OFF! So much so that the woman beside said “You really like Prince, don’t you?” Umm… yes? 🙂

He played for almost 3 hours and did several encores but the hardcore fans refused to leave.

We just stood there chanting, clapping and yelling …

Prince is like Tinkerbell! If you believe and keep clapping … he’ll come back! Right??

HE DID!! He came back a final time – but the stage was already being taken apart and there were no instruments so he came to the stage and gave us all a wave and a thank-u and then he left the building.

I think I broke my hand clapping … I’m not kidding. Like a dummy I wore the ring Gerry bought me for our 15th wedding anniversary.

I was clapping so much that I broke capillaries in my hand and it swelled up like a balloon! Yikes!!

I was sad that the show was over … but thanks to a tip from my friend Stuart – I had managed to score tickets to see Prince play at his after party at Sugar Nightclub! WHAT?? 🙂

Sugar Nightclub is a pretty good venue to see bands. I think the capacity is about 300 and I heard someone say that Prince only wanted 200 tickets sold so the crowd was small but mighty!! Everyone there was pumped to have a good time and boy-howdy did we ever.

I guess the club doesn’t have a bathroom in the dressing rooms because Prince had to be escorted several times to the bathroom by a bevy of bodyguards. I ran down and stood near the bathroom and waited for him to come out. I wanted to try and hand him a copy of Vegan A Go-Go! He walked right by me and was so close I could have reached out and touched him if I wanted to … I tried to get his attention and hand him a copy of the book but his bodyguard grabbed my arm and pushed me away. So I didn’t get a copy of my VAGG into his hands … but maybe next time.  🙂

Prince asked that no photos or videos be taken during the show and he had a crazy security team that were looking for people with cameras. They would spot the person shooting photos and remove them from the club immediately. No warning. You were just out!! I managed to sneak one photo from the show. I just HAD to do it.  🙂

That’s right … Prince made the club turn off the lights and he played for us in the dark. It was so much fun.

Prince’s band is uber talented and while they performed he wandered around stage playing various instruments, stage diving into the crowd and directing the band. At one point I felt like I was actually IN the movie Purple Rain and I started crying. *laugh* I wish my friend Shoshana could have been with me … she would have loved every minute of it. Prince played until 3:30am and then sadly it was time to go home … 🙁

Thanks for all the fun Prince! You must be exhausted … I know I am!  🙂


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