What I did on my summer vacation – LA – Go-Go’s Star Ceremony – part 3

The after-party at The Roosevelt was lovely and was held in the courtyard near the pool. It was for friends and family and there was a lot of hugs, smiles and good feelings at the party. I didn’t take many photos because I didn’t want to be intrusive (this party was private) and I was also feeling pretty crappy (stupid period) so I swallowed more pills and found a nice corner to hang out in.

Sweet Jane came over and made sure I was having fun …

She’s such a doll.

I got to chit-chat with a lot of really cool people … in particular I had a 30 minute conversation with Clem Burke. Yeah … that’s right. Clem FUCKING Burke the drummer for Blondie. I didn’t get a photo with Clem so here’s a photo of Clem and my friend Leah.

Clem sat down beside me on the banquette and we started chatting about how The Go-Go’s should be in the Rock N Roll hall of fame. It was a great conversation and the whole time I kept thinking about my friend Peter.

I lost Pete in 2000 and he would have gotten such a kick out of all the people I’ve met in the last couple of years. In particular Jane and Clem. He was a big fan of Blondie and loved Jane. It’s hard to enjoy yourself in a moment like that when you know you can’t call your friend and tell him the good news. It made me miss Peter very much.

As the party wound-down – Jane grabbed me away and we headed to the After-After party that was being held at the Velvet Margarita. This was a totally different kind of party then the Roosevelt. No windows. No fresh air. Loud music. All the beans and salsa you could eat. I was in heaven and I parked myself in front of the chips. 🙂

My pal Jimmy kept me company while I sipped on Dom.  🙂

I am totally photo-bombing in this group shot. It’s hard to see me but I’m over Jimmy’s shoulder.

It was such a fun party and then next thing I knew I was being whisked away to an after-after-after party at a house in the Hollywood hills …

The house was incredible. I felt like I had walked onto a movie set …

I don’t know the year of the house but I imagine it was built in the 20’s or 30’s?

It was an incredible house and the party was so much fun. Lounging around the pool with Jane’s friends talking about this that and the other thing. Again … not many photos … didn’t want to be intrusive.

My favourite part of the night was when the living room became an 80’s dance party. We danced the night away and the next thing I knew it was 2am and I crawled into bed with Peanut exhausted. What a day. Did all of this just happen in one day??

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