Vegan Voice

Check it!
There’s a article about me and a great review of LDV in the current issue of Vegan Voice. You can visit their site at They’re based all the way down in Australia!! 🙂

In other news… THE RED IS DONE! I’m done with the red paint. No more red paint.

As a thank you for all my hard work… Gerry sent me to the Solana Day Spa for an afternoon of pampering. Whoo doggie… did I ever get pampered. I had a pedicure and a facial. The pedicure station even had a vibrating chair!! I forgot my camera so you don’t get any photos of my face covered in pumpkin seed masque, but let me tell you… my skin has never looked better. 🙂

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  1. kinziephoto says:

    that is most excellent payment for your hard work! I can’t wait to see what you did with the upstairs! I shall pop by next time I’m in Vic


  2. Autumn says:

    ah…spa… i think my husband needs to have a little chat with gerry.

    by the way, great bike photos!

  3. KleoPatra says:

    I didn’t know about this mag, Sarah, thank you. What a cute critter on the cover, too. Hope to get to read the article on you as well as the review of LDV.


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