No more red paint!!

Still painting the upstairs studio… once I painted the walls I realized the ceiling needed to be painted and then Gerry (aka slave driver) came upstairs and thought one of the walls needed to be red (to match the downstairs studio)… so my work load doubled. Le Sigh.

Today will be the last coat of red and then I’m putting my foot down. NO MORE RED PAINT!! It takes wayyyy toooo many coats to get it red. Ugh. My arms are sore.

While I painted The Boys sat out front of the shop and watched the bike races. They weren’t really interested in the race, but were watching for the crashes. 🙂I took a break and practiced some of the things I learned in photography class about film speed and action shots. Not bad for my first try… if I do say so myself. 🙂Then Fergus and I went to Thetis lake for a walk… I brought my camera but it was overcast and there wasn’t much to take photos of… but I did find this lone wild rose just sitting in the middle of the forest.

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