Up up and away

Up up and away…. in my beautiful my beautiful airplane!!
I’m up! I’m out of here! I’m on my way to TO! Thank goodness.

So I woke up to fog. Lots of fog. I was so afraid the flight was going to be cancelled. Nobody at the airport seemed to know for sure.

This is the view from yesterday.

This is the view from the same window today. *laugh*
I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and dry toast with jam. Brisdan totally went out of his way for me to make sure I had something to eat for the plane. The restaurant didn’t have many vegetables. (*laugh* That cracks me up. A restaurant without many vegetables…ha ha ha.) He made me a nice sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and an avocado that he purchased for me last night. He bought me an avocado. Come on. What a guy! If anyone lives in Regina and knows Brisdan or hangs out at the Travel Lodge Café and sees him. Tell him he’s a rad guy and I say hi.

So as I sit here The Go-Go’s singing into my earphones and my lap top warming up my lap … I wonder what Gerry’s doing right now. I think he’s in the air right now as well… on his way to Baltimore to see Seth Ciferri and get a tattoo. I can’t wait to see him!!

Fergus is at the In-Laws and Gerry says he’s pretty stressed out. He took Fergus to the vet because he was worried about him. I’m sort of at a loss…. and Gerry doesn’t have any Rescue Remedy to give to him.

What do you guys do to help your fur-babies deal with stress? Any tips?

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