Throw Momma from the train

Jeepers. Train was delayed. And guess what? They had the heat blasting in Penn Station. Ummmm. It was so warm out today that I didn’t need a jacket. Whew. I was sweaty and grumpy by the time my train boarded.

The train was fun… for about 3 minutes. Then I realized I couldn’t read, couldn’t work on the computer or even sleep. The train was too bumpy-jumpy. I think I’m sensitive today… I was so wasted/tired by the time I arrived.

It’s facinating watching the world pass by from the train… you get to see things you’d never see when you drive in a car.

I laughed outloud as I walked into my Baltimore hotel room. Yeesh. I’m living the high life now. My hotel room is SO BIG! You could fit 3 of my NYC hotel rooms into this room.

Baltimore hotel

NYC hotel

The hotel has a crappy cafe that didn’t have anything for me to eat and I am WAY too tired to try and find a place in town. So I hit Donna’s Cafe (It’s attached to this hotel/mini-mall place that I’m staying at.

What a treat. Seriously. I had a fantastic meal. The waitress was VERY kind and told me every single ingredient in my meal so I would know that it was Vegan. I ended up having pasta (could have also had a veggie burger) and it was sooo delish. Capers, artichoke hearts, eggplant, tomatoes. All fresh fresh fresh. Really yum.

They had a live jazz band playing and the entire place was mellow. I dug it.

I grabbed a local magazine to see what Baltimore has to offer and guess what? It’s offering me!! I’m on the cover. *laugh* I cracked up when I saw it.

So what started as a crappy day ended up with me having a full happy belly enjoying the quiet of the country… or wherever I am. I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere, but according to mapquest I’m quite close to all the cool stuff. I guess it must be culture shock from being in NYC. It’s sooooo quiet here.

I’m anxious to chill with the tv.
Later kids.

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  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    You and Fergus on the cover. How sweet. Was it a good article?
    I missed you at the TO Veggie Food Fair. I had to work alllll weekend :o( When are you headed back this way? If you were to hit Burlington/Oakville even better! But will settle for Toronto if that’s as good as I can get.
    P.S. I’ve put La Dolce Vegan on the top of my Christmas list in big bold letters. Santa should get the hint!

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    ahhh. why didn’t you call in sick? 🙂

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