Had a nice sleep… I kept dreaming about kissing Ad Rock. Shhhh don’t tell Gerry. Damn you Ad Rock. Why didn’t you come to the Moo Shoes party? I invited you. Don’t you love me anymore?

A couple things I keep forgetting to tell you about.
This photo is of me being interviewed by Vegan Radio. Not sure when it will air… but we sure had a lot of fun. 🙂

Earth Shoes gave me a pair of shoes.

I’m not just saying this cause they gave them to me… but holy cow. Are they ever comfortable. I have wore them 2 days in a row and no breaking in or blisters or anything. They feel like slippers. I LOVE THEM!!

Ok. I’m off for breakfast. I love having internet in my hotel room! *WOOT*

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  1. veganicat says:

    thanks to sarah for mentioning vegan radio. We interviewed sarah at the mooshoes party and will be podcasting the episode soon. also coming up are shows about farm sanctuary and the boston vegetarian food festival, plus a recording we did live at the northern connecticut vegetarian society. if anyone has music or other sound they would like to contribute please contact us through our web site – vegan radio.

  2. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Awesome shoes! Even better socks!

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