Atomic Books Rocks!

Woke up late. Had a late breakfast in the hotel cafe. Terrible service. Just terrible. They treated me like I was a freak… Gerry says it’s cause I am a freak. I dunno. The oatmeal was good anyway.

Then I literally did NOTHING until about 4pm. I lay like a basket case on the bed and watched terrible tv. And Cat Woman. Wow. That movie stinks bad.

Hey Seth if you’re reading this…I’m sorry. I had every intention of coming to visit with you today, but I am wiped out. I needed some down time… I hope that’s cool. 🙂 You’ll just have to come visit us and I’ll make it up to you with some home-made Vegan dinner. I promise. Maybe even a cake. 🙂

Then I hit Donnas again before my event at Atomic Books.

I had a veggie burger… which was ok. Needed a bit more flava. But it was good enough. Caught a cab to Atomic Books and hung out with some peeps.

What a nice bunch of Baltimores they were! 🙂

Thanks for everything Baltimore and Atomic Books. I’m outta here!

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