good bye Ger

Said good-bye to Gerry. *sob* The second he left I became desperatly homesick. I wanna go home!!!!

I walked around my hood and did some shopping in the little stores in this area. Whooo doggy. Expensive. Went back to the hotel and mellowed out and did a phone interview and then grabbed a cab to meet Erica and Sara for dinner at Hangawi.

Wow. The food was like nothing I had ever eat before and it was all incredible. I don’t even know what we ate. *laugh* but it was good.

Woke up exhausted today… I’m sitting at Teany right now updating before I head to the train station for Baltimore. Thanks again NYC!! It’s been a blast. I hope I get to come back soon.

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  1. wiebke says:

    that restaurant looks so good. and i love korean food! will definitely check it out when in nyc.
    do you know the name of the vegan radio in nyc? they are in the pictures you took at mooshoes and it says vegan radio on their shirts, i am curious. 🙂

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