laundry day

The day of the party was a mellow one. Woke up late. Decided to try something new for breakfast and hit Kate’s Joint.

I ordered a Grilled Cheese and Garlic Fries. For breakfast? Yes. I have my period. I can eat whatever I want. Leave me alone!!

Gerry had a more traditional breakfast of pancakes. Yum!

We went and did laundry (oh joy) and then walked to Teany for Lunch. We were supposed to meet Healthy Chef Alex but she was a no-show. So Gerry and I had teeny TEANY sandwiches and tea for lunch. It was delish.

We also popped by CBGB’s and bought some t-shirts. I hope the club ends up being able to work out their problems.

Then I came home and had a nap before the party (see below for photos).
I had such a good time at Moo Shoes. Everyone in NYC has made me feel so welcome and loved. What a great little town you have here.

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