The Joy of Soy

I’m in the National Post today!! If you click on the photo below you can read it… really cute interview. The reporter gave good interview…We had a lot of fun on the phone. 🙂 I’m so exhausted today. I’ve been painting more walls at the tattoo shop and my arms feel like lead. *laugh* Me so tired… carry me!!

I had a HUGE breakfast yesterday. Yes. I actually ate ALL of that food in one sitting.
Scrambled some tofu with a little “Needs a little extra” spice from LDV (pg 305). Threw in some broc and asparagus, some Tahini on toast and I was ready to go paint. Today I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon.

So I’m off to do a final coat of red before I start on Gerry’s studio. MAN!! I’ll be glad when all the red is done… ugh.

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