About last night…

Last night a group of us got together to celebrate my girl Bettina’s birthday. Brian blind-folded her and brought her into the Lotus Pond where we were all waiting to yell surprise. The funny thing is… Every year Brian has a surprise party for her *laugh* and every year she’s surprised!! 🙂
I like going out for dinner with my hubby The gang was all there…
I had a custom comic made for Bettina’s birthday… she was very excited.
And then we ate… Mock Duck.
Oh dear lord… Veggie Chow Mein. Sweat and Sour Mock Chicken Balls. (Sweat… *laugh* Oops. Typo on the menu).
Pot Stickers. Won Ton Soup…
There was tons more food but that’s all I managed to get photos of before it was inhaled. *laugh*

Then we headed back to Bettina’s crash pad where we ate the GIANT double layer birthday cake I made from HIAV. Auntie’ Bonnie’s Wacky Cake for those of you who are curious.
That Bettina… never misses a photo-op. Put a fork in me…I’m stuffed.

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