I had to get 4 stitches last night because of a freak vintage 60’s glass tumbler incident.

If you don’t like gross photos then do NOT proceed with the rest of this post. If you are interested – scroll past the cute puppy to read the rest of the story. Don’t say I didn’t warn you …  🙂

I was trying to organize our liquor cabinet and since Gerry and I started experimenting with drinking 2 years ago we have amassed quite a collection of booze bottles. (How do you know what you like unless you try EVERYTHING!).

I was trying to fit my vintage 60’s bowling ball tumbler glass into the cupboard and the next thing I know the tumbler is flying through the air. It hit the cabinet, shattered and then fell to the ground. The bulk of the glass landed with such a force that for a second I thought I had dropped a liquor bottle on my foot.

I looked down and quickly realized that I had gashed opened my foot! I immediately squatted down and applied pressure. My foot was gushing blood so I carefully crab-walked over to the kitchen so I would bleed on the tiles instead of our wood floors.

Gerry asked if I was ok and I said “YES! Get my iphone.” Why on earth was my first thought was to take and tweet a photo of my cut up foot? *laugh*After a quick photo session we had a good look at the wound and realized that I probably needed a stitch. Boo.  🙁

I had JUST changed out of my work clothes and was sitting on the kitchen floor in my pajama-shirt so while I applied pressure – Gerry ran to grab my bra, t-shirt and sweats for me to change into. I handed off my foot to Gerry to apply pressure to my bloody foot while I got dressed. Then I wrapped my wound with a pressure bandage and we hobbled to the car.

We talked about going to the ER but Gerry was so smart and called our local clinic (only 2 blocks away) and they were indeed open for another 20 minutes. “Do you do stitches?? We’ll be right down!

We walked into the office and 15 minutes later I walked out with FOUR stitches. Pretty gross…

Once home – I gave Fergus some hugs (he seemed very concerned by the kerfuffle) and then I lay on the couch while Gerry brought me wine, propped up my foot with pillows, made dinner and then cleaned up the glass and blood. What a husband!! After dinner we watched the season 4 finale of Damages. Now THAT was bloody.  🙂

Check out the tumbler that cut me … what a jerk! 🙁 I’m so lucky that a.) I didn’t lose a toe and b.) it narrowly missed my tattoo.

Now I have to try and keep it dry for the next 5 days … not easy to do.

Thank goodness we haven’t renovated our bathrooms yet and all the senior handlebars are still intact. Makes getting out of the tub a lot easier. 🙂



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  1. Debbie says:

    Poor foot! Feel better soon!

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