What a great day!

We Kramer’s don’t celebrate much. No x-mas or Hanukkahs or Valentines Day but boy-howdy do we ever like to celebrate birthdays in our house!! Last year was such a milestone birthday. The big 4-0. It was such a big deal – not so much the 40 part but the surpassing my mothers age of 39. Bitter-sweet.

This year. I wanted to be melllloooowwww… and it started off with a wonderful gift from Gerry at mid-night. I pulled back the duvet cover to climb into bed to find it covered in $20 and $50 bills. OH MY LORD! My husband knows me so well! *laugh*

This morning started out with a bang. A nice phone call from my Auntie Bonnie. Tons of well wishes from twitter/facebook/myspace friends. Got lovely twitter messages from Jane Wiedlin and Kathy Valentine … OF THE FREAKING GO-GO’S!!

Then it happened.
The call I’ve waited 364 days for… every year my parents call me on my birthday and sing to me. I don’t know when it started to be a tradition but it’s the best part of my birthday. This year my parents are in Europe on vacation and I wasn’t expecting them to call me from across the pond but when I answered the phone THERE THEY WERE on the other end! I actually got a little teary this year while they sang, I’m so lucky to have such thoughtful parents.

Then it was off to Mattick Farm to play Mini-Golf. I’ve had mini-golf on the brain since the dog in a hot car incident last weekend and was jonesing to play. It started out fun. There was a wizard or a troll or some sort of something that you had to golf through …
Then things got a little “ruff”.
Then after a few holes we realized that the troll/wizard was the only fun thing to do on this mini-golf course. Every other hole had a log or a rock as an obstacle. WHAT?
We quickly bailed and headed downtown to grab some lunch from Cafe Bliss and had a little picnic in our backyard.
Fergus really digs Sunflower sprouts.
Tired from the mini-golf and full from the yummy meal I accidentally had a nap. I blame Fergus.
Later in the evening we headed downtown to Re-Bar to have a birthday dinner thanks to a gift-card I got from our realtor (thanks Dominque).

We had the hummus & chutney starter with pita bread. YUM!
Enjoyed a Monks Curry on brown rice. Double yum!
And decided that after 20 years of not drinking … that I would have a glass of wine. Yup. I broke my edge. Triple yum! 🙂On the walk home I was feeling a little tipsy and not wanting the night to end just yet so I managed to secretly steer Gerry towards the Karaoke place (where you can sing in a private room). Gerry’s always resisted karaoke but since it was my birthday … he couldn’t say no. The funny thing is … once we got going … he wouldn’t stop! *laugh*
I tried singing We Got The Beat but holy shit – that’s a tough song to sing! Kudos to Belinda!Top 3 Favourite songs to sing at Karaokee.
1. Anarchy in the UK
2. Holiday in The Sun
3. My Sharona

All in all … it was a super fantastic wonderful day. Even with the crappy mini-golf. 🙂

I have a blessed life.

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