Advanced Style

I’m so so so in love with the fashion blog Advanced Style.

It not only showcases stylish and creative woman of a certain age but also gives me a glimpse of how fabulous my future can be. 🙂

I’ve always loved bows and girly frilly things but as I enter my mid-forties I was starting to feel like someone my age shouldn’t wear bows anymore. I don’t want to enter Baby Jane territory (if you know what I mean).

Well bugger that!!

After reading the bows post over at Advanced Style – today I am rocking a bow without shame!! If you feel like rocking a MissMuffinCake bow – they available HERE in my store in various fabrics.

My favourite quote from Advanced Style blog comes from Joyce who states “I Don’t Want To Look Younger – I Want To Look As Great As I Can At Any Age.”

That’s my new mantra!! 🙂



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2 Responses to Advanced Style

  1. dana says:

    I so love Advanced Style! It takes the phrase “age appropriate” and turns it on its head! I love the fact that there is glamour, and dressing up and costumery WITHOUT looking strange… so put together and awesome and elegant. It is so inspiring for today and the future – I do overly concern myself with dressing “appropriately” …. bash! Those ladies are stunning!

    Thanks for giving a shout out to one of my favourite “movements” — dressing awesome!


  2. Maria Rose says:

    What an awesome blog. I know what you mean about bows. I often wear flowers and I was beginning to wonder if I had crossed some age boundary…then I decided I didn’t care, but it is lovely to see other women who just go with what they love!

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