Roller Coaster …

What a roller-coaster this last week has been … up down and up again.

Coming out of the Cancer Closet on Thursday was the best thing for me. The last couple of weeks since my needle biopsy I really felt like I wasn’t being genuine to everyone around me and now I can be my weird wonderful self and speak freely.

I had the day off on Friday and all I did was lay around the house. I really needed to chill … It was good. Actually it was intermittent laying around. I also did 3 loads of laundry and changed the bed but there was lots of laying around in between folding socks. 🙂

Saturday at Sarah’s Place was amazing. We had our monthly bake-sale (with the funds going to FOA) and everyone came out in full force with goodies to sell.


Thank you to everyone who came by to donate vegan treats and to everyone who donated $$. We made a little over $400 for FOA. Wahoo.

And a GIANT thank you to Dandies Marshmallows who donated mini-marshmallows and prizes for our volunteers. They are awesome.  🙂


The whole day was wonderful. I had so many visitors and they all brought me hugs and well-wishes. I even got this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my hairdresser and the staff at Lab Salon.


It felt like my birthday and I was so happy when someone would come give me a hug and then the sober reality of why they were hugging would hit me hard.  🙁  Roller-coaster.

I am SO lucky to have so many wonderful friends here, there and on the internet. My customers are amazing and many of them have become friends. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. I am so lucky.

The #feelyourselfupforsarah tag on instagram is growing bigger and bigger everyday. It’s incredible to wake up and see more of your beautiful boobies staring back at me. 🙂 We gotta do something with this momentium! Ideas?


The best part of my day was when my friend Tash came from Vancouver to visit me. We’ve known each other for a VERY long time and it was so thoughtful of her to come over to see me. We had a great time visiting and laughing. I have great friends.


All this love and attention got me thinking about a former friend of mine. She went through cancer a few years ago and she pushed all of her close friends (including me) away. She went so far as to write a “don’t contact me till I’m ready to talk to you.” letter to everyone and I never heard from her again. I respected her request and I stayed away but it hurt my heart. She was like a little sister to me… 😐

It was like… what the what?? It was really hard for me to understand why anyone would push people who love you away but I’m not in her shoes (or her thought process) and she won’t talk to me anymore so it’s not like I’ll ever understand why she did that. I just hope she’s ok.

Maybe there will come a time when I’ll want to be more private but I can’t imagine ditching all my friends … all this love being thrown at me is overwhelming  but in a good way. It’s also incredibly uplifting. I’m well aware that I haven’t even started the tough part of this journey yet but knowing that I have so much support … it fuels me to kick ass.

So a big thank you to everyone for making Saturday so awesome. Let’s make every day awesome!! Starting right now. SMOOCH!

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