Are you dense?

100222_breast-densitySince coming out of the Cancer Closet I’ve had lots of people (men & woman) asking me what I meant when I described my breasts as thick.

What I mean is that they’re dense.

What does that mean? It’s like the difference between water and ice (Gerry gave me that analogy).

In other words I have less fat in my breast and more connective tissue and that makes it difficult to look “through” when they do the mammogram/ultrasound. I’ve included a photo so you can see the difference between a breast with lower density vs a dense/thick breast like mine. As you can see … it’s difficult to look through it for abnormalities.

I’ve been hearing from doctors/lab techs for years that I have thick/dense breasts so if you haven’t heard that … you probably have low breast density.

But ask your mammographer or your doctor anyway because if they are dense … it does make it harder for them to find cancer and there are other ways of checking your breasts if they are dense. Remember. You are the captain of your ship. You steer the conversation where it needs to go.

I recently got a message from a woman who’s doctor told her not to do self breast exams because she’ll probably think every lump is something and that he can just find it for her. I say bullshit to that doctor. Nobody knows your body better then you do. Time to find a new doctor.

I get mammograms every Sept. What if I waited until Sept to check on this lump?? That doctor can suck a bag of dicks. Sorry. I’ve been swearing like a sailor lately … it makes me feel better for some reason. 🙂

Did you check your breasts yet??


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