Robins in the trees?

Gosh. I woke up on Monday to see a tree full of Robins. Yup. Robins… it must be Spring. *laugh* Actually it was so warm out on Monday that Gerry and I decided to wander around downtown and do some errands and soak up some Vit D.

It was so nice out we even sat outside front of Pink Bicycle Burger… and enjoyed a vegan Black Bean Burger. It was my first time there … it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. Nice to know there’s a place downtown to grab a quick veggie burger.
Fergus enjoyed a nice drink.
Someone was pooped from all the walking when we got home.
Since I’m tweaking HIAV for the 10th anniversary edition I re-tested the French Toast recipe because someone e-mailed me saying they had issues with the recipe.

Breakfast for dinner? Hell yes! Served it with a side of home-fries and beans. Are there any recipes in HIAV that you have problems with? Let me know so I can adjust the recipe in the new edition.

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