New York – day 2

GRRRRRR!!! I have searched everywhere but I have lost the crib-notes I made about my trip NY. This is why you should blog about your adventures as soon as you get home, Sarah. 🙁 I think I can remember everything … Hmmmm. Let’s see…  🙂

I woke up pretty late (the jet lag is killing me) and met up with Bowery at MooShoes.

He was busy keeping my cookbooks warm … so I grabbed Erica and we headed to Caravan of Dreams for lunch.

I had the Polenta Platter – Tomato, ali-oli, sauteed greens & vegetables, black beans. YUM!!!

After lunch with Erica – I ran back to my hotel to get ready for the Go-Go’s show in Morristown. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out to Jersey for the show but my friend Arnold was heading out to shoot photos for the show so he picked me up and gave me a ride. Yippee!

I’ve only known Arnold via the internet (I’m a big admirer of his amazing photography) and I was worried it would be weird to be in a car with someone I’ve only known through the Go-Go’s chatboard but as soon as I got into the car it was like hanging out with an old friend. Yay!! I love it when that happens. 🙂

We arrived at Morristown early, parked the car and went to grab some food. Found an Indian restaurant (can’t remember the name) and sat and had a nice meal. It was a little pricey but Arnold grabbed the bill … so I can’t complain.  Thanks for dinner Arnold.  🙂

We walked up to the show and stopped at Will Call to grab our All Access passes …

Yeah. That’s right. All Access!! Working for the band has it’s privileges. 🙂

In case you didn’t know … I was asked to build the Go-Go’s website and do the blog and some of their social media for them … it’s been such a thrill to work for my favourite band! 🙂

Backstage is always a comfortable place for me … Growing up behind the scenes at my parents theater I know how much work goes into a show and putting on a rock and roll show is no different then a play.

There are so many hard working people backstage making sure that the band has everything they need so they can make the show look flawless. I also know how to stay out of the way and to respect the work going on behind the scenes – but I must confess that I did explore a little.  🙂

I also got to watch some of the “meet and greets” the band did with their fans.

It was my first time being behind the scenes with the whole band and I was suddenly nervous. Oh my god. There’s Kathy, Belinda, Char, Gina and Miss Jane. All in one room!! Yikes. Why am I suddenly sweating??

Jane saw me and ran over and gave me a quick hug hello and all my nervousness disappeared. OH YEAH! I’m supposed to be here. *laugh*

I heard the opening band start so I went to the front of house to watch The Dollyrots

They are such a fun band. Go visit their website HERE and tell them I say hi.  🙂

Soon after the Go-Go’s hit the stage and I watched part of the show from backstage! Eeeek! Is this real?

The coolest thing about watching them from backstage is that I got a good view of Gina and was able to watch her play.

From the audience you don’t get to see much of Gina (at least I don’t because I’m so short). Holy crap. She’s amazing.

Then I moved and watched some of the show from the front …

The audience in Jersey is nuts! They know how to enjoy themselves. 🙂

We Got The Beat!

After the show I popped down to the dressing room and Jane offered me a ride back to Manhattan.

Um … on the tour bus? Yes please.

I got on the bus and sat down and shot the shit with the band as we drove back to NY. I don’t know if it was the jet-lag or the fact that I have been loving this band for 30 years – but I felt like I was hanging out with people I’ve known my whole life.

About 45 minutes later the bus dropped us off at the GG’s hotel and I said my thank-yous and good-nights to everyone and hopped a cab back to my hotel and I fell into bed exhausted.

With my ears ringing and a big ass smile on my face I thought “Was this a dream?” Nope … I get to do it all again tomorrow night!

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  1. AlisonC. says:

    As I said before, this IS a dream come true for you!! Wow, you are so lucky and totally deserve it.

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