Tour Diary: New York – Good Morning America!

My last few days in NY were insane. After the show in New Jersey – I got up the next morning at 4am to meet Jane and the band at their hotel to catch a ride to Central Park for the GMA performance.

I actually thought for a second about skipping this (I am soooo not a morning person) but then I gave myself a slap across the face. When will I ever have another opportunity like this??  🙂

I met everyone at the hotel and we got into vans and headed towards Central Park.

I felt like I was in a bizzaro world. If you’re a Go-Go’s fan like me then you’ve probably watched all the “behind the scenes” footage from the 2001 Go-Go’s Live in Central Park dvd and here I was in a very similar scene.

I felt completely out of my body and kept pinching my leg to remind myself that I was actually experiencing what I was experiencing.  🙂

When we got to the GMA set I was handed my laminate …

… and while the band went into hair and make-up I started “live tweeting” photos for the band.

The fans were already camped out in the park when we got there …

The crew was there even earlier then me to set everything up. I think their “call” was for 2am. Yikes.

The band did a few warm up songs …

Then GMA started and I managed to catch the “bumber” they ran on the monitor.  😉

And then it was time for them to play!

The band played great!! God. I could barely tie my shoe laces I was so tired … I don’t know how they did it.  😉

As soon as the show was over the band was whisked backstage to do some interviews.

Then we all headed back to the GG’s hotel … and everyone went back to their rooms for a nap. I cabbed it back to my hotel and lay back on the bed like a corpse and had a power nap.

A few hours later I got ready meet up with my friend Arnold at Irving Plaza for the show later that night….

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