My Trip to Vancouver – Part 3

Woke up at 8:30am. Oh my dog!! That’s progress!! I hope this is the start of a new trend … 🙂

I get my love of food from my parents … they really know how to eat.

Coffee too. I don’t normally drink coffee but they do it so right that I just had to have a wee cup!

I love hanging out with my parents. Seriously. If you had told my 15 year old self that I would have FUN running errands with my parents I would have laughed.

The day was MISERABLE! It was raining like it was January.  🙁

Luckily by the time we got to the farmers market the rain had stopped … Dad knows how to sniff out a good peach.

After the farmers market we went to Fluevog where I traded in my new 7.5 shoes that I bought online for a size 8. My Step-Mum got caught up in the shoe frenzy and bought herself some shoes too! 🙂

After Fluevog we went to Gorilla Foods for lunch. I was worried my Dad wouldn’t like it there but I think they enjoyed it … especially when Aaron brought over a slice of pie.  Thanks Aaron!

We also hit up Costco where I saw the worlds biggest TV. Or maybe I’m just shorter then I think…

Pooped from shopping – we came home and had a nap. When I’m at my parents house I like to nap with my Step-Mum’s Grammy. I’m so proud of her.

After a nice nap – I made my parents Macaroni & Cashew Cheese for dinner. Denise had purchased some Sea Asparagus at the farmers market so we used that as a side. It was realllly yummy. I wonder where I can get it in Victoria? Anyone?

I cleaned my plate. My Dad was proud.  😉

My brother called after dinner and I ended up shooting the shit with him for a couple of hours (it’s been a while since we played catch-up) and then I climbed into bed.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 again full of anxiety. Ugh. When will this end?  🙁 I gave my parents hugs and kisses and hit the road – but before I went to the ferry I stopped by Nice Shoes

I might have purchased some shoes… ha ha. I have no shoe control. I see vegan shoes. I must buy.

I also stopped by Fairy Cakes and grabbed some vegan cupcakes for Gerry.

I was so happy to get home … Fergus on the other hand was a little miffed that I was gone 3 nights.

Don’t worry … he forgave me.  🙂

THANKS FAMILY! I had three full days of family loving and it’s filled me up with the energy I need to get the new store moved and ready. I love you guys.

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