I can’t believe it but Sarah’s Place is creeping up to it’s 1 year anniversary!! WHAT?? How did that happen?

Almost 365 days ago I stood with a stomach full of butterflies ready to cut the ribbon to my new store. I was excited but also unsure if I would be able to make it as a small “loud and proud” vegan business in downtown Victoria.

Victoria BC is a unique and special city in that the people who live here really love and support small business and I’ve felt so much of that from my vegan and non-vegan customers. But I’ve not only received support from my local community but also from my beloved international community as well. My favourite part of getting to the store in the morning is seeing what mail-orders have happened while I was sleeping – then I spend the morning packing up boxes to send to far off places like France, Australia and even Cleveland.  🙂

Besides showcasing interesting and unique vegan products – my other goal with Sarah’s Place from the beginning was to have it be the “hub” of vegan culture in Victoria. You want to know what’s going on in the city? Go to Sarah’s Place. This last year I was able to create Sarah’s Vegan Guide to Downtown Victoria for out-of-towners who are interested in checking out some of my favourite places to eat and shop in the downtown core. This July 1st I was was able to co-organize Victoria’s first Vegan Festival. My personal goal with the festival was to educate, motivate and inspire – and to plant seeds of change and watch them grow. The festival was a rousing success and went off without a hitch (thanks to the work done by our little army of fantastic volunteers) and I look forward to seeing what happens next year.

With my 1 year anniversary looming – I have been given an opportunity to expand to a larger location!

I will still be located in the magical Market Square – but I will be now on the Johnson Street side of the complex. The new store opens AUG 1st and is located directly above the 100% vegan Green Cuisine restaurant (Est. in 1990).

While I am sad to leave my 7 1/2 foot wide micro-store with it’s adorable dutch door – I am VERY excited by all the possibilities of my new location. The new Sarah’s Place is over 700sq feet and I will now be able to do more! My goal is to not just have fun interesting products for you to buy – but for Sarah’s Place to be like a vegan community center.

My plan with the bigger space is to have more “events” like book signings, movie nights, cooking classes, etc. I am really excited about this new phase of Sarah’s Place and would love your feedback about what you’d like to see in the new store.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Sarah’s Place this last year. You make coming to work a joy. Who gets to say that about their job?? I’m so lucky.  🙂

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6 Responses to EXCITING NEWS!!

  1. Lizz says:

    Cool! That’s about the size of my apartment, lol.

  2. Jenn says:

    I’d love to know more about the cooking classes when you are settled in and organized. Congratulations on the move, I hope it goes well!!

  3. james says:

    yay! Exciting news! And you got a cool piece of art by Gareth too!

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