My Trip to Vancouver – Part 2

Woke up. Got out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head and had breakfast with The Monkey Bunch. I gave my dear sweet friends kisses as I ran out the door and got on the highway. I was nervous that I would hit Vancouver traffic and miss my niece Heidi’s first performance!!

For Heidi’s birthday this year I enrolled her in a week long intensive Girls Rock Camp and Saturday was her showcase!! At the camp they not only learn how to play an instrument but how to write a song, screen print their own t-shirts, how to deal with band-conflict, etc. I wish there was this kind of camp when I was a teenager!

I bumped into Heidi outside the theater and I was able to give her a gift before the show started … I had Adore Jewelry (my Market Square neighbour) make me some custom lightening bolt pendants for the girls in Heidi’s band. I handed them to Heidi and I said “Give these to your girlfriends in the band. Tell them that the power of rock has been forged into each lightening bolt and that it will help them ROCK OUT on stage.” 🙂

I got a text from Heidi about 20 minutes later that said “The band says to tell you thank you and “you’re Auntie is Awesome!!” … that made me happy.

I met up with my parents and Heidi’s Mum and we sat nervously in the theater watching the slide-show of the campers week. I almost screamed outloud when I saw Heidi’s photos on the big screen. I’m such a geeky proud Auntie.  😉

Heidi is learning bass … if we could get Gerry on the drums and me on the ukulele we could have a wicked three-piece. Hee hee.

All the bands were awesome. Some of them sloppy. Some of them tight but all of them inspiring!! Heidi’s band rocked the house – their song started with the White Stripes 7 Nation Army riff and then morphed into a song that Heidi and her band had written. It was awesome!! 🙂

I wish I could post the video I shot but the Camp asked that no photos/videos of campers be posted (except for your own kids) so …

I was SO PROUD of my Heidi! She did so great!

After the showcase we took Heidi out for dinner to celebrate and we ate the worlds biggest Dosa!!

When I was looking through my trip photos I realized that Heidi does the same side-glance pose that I do. I think I do it cause of my Mum. She must do it because of me … funny right?

After dinner everyone headed home and I went over to Shoshana’s Step-Dads house. I wanted to try and squeeze in a little more time with my delicious friends before they flew out in the morning.

Fred is a total foodie. He is the opposite of vegan but I totally appreciate his passion …

He made everyone an incredible (and accidentally vegan) Peach Soup – and even though I was completely full from the dosas I just had to partake. It was a beautifully simple recipe – I’ll write it out for ya’ll soon.

We talked A LOT about food that night and in particular salt. Fred does not care for salt … don’t get him started.  🙂

It was a lovely evening with my dear friends … we hugged it out, said a sad good-bye and I hit the road to my Dad’s house to sleep. One more day in Vancouver and tomorrow will be all about hanging with my parents. Wahoo! So excited.  😉


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