Joanie loves Sarah

Did I ever tell you about the time I called Chyna Doll because she was participating in The Surreal Life Fame Games?? I can’t remember….

A friend asked me to call her because Chyna needed to gather as many “famous people” phone calls as possible to stay on The Fame Games. I was like… me?? Despite me thinking I wasn’t famous enough for Chyna to collect my name the person who confirmed the phone calls for Chyna knew about me and the cookbooks so I guess that makes me modestly famous. *laugh*I also had a really nice chat with Chyna for about 5 minutes and I ended up sending her a cookbook because she was so interested in what I do and my Veganism. I never heard back from her if she enjoyed the book … but I’m sure she must of. 🙂

I finally watched the “phone in” episode on Much More Music and was SO stoked to see my name on the same list as Belinda Carlisle!! *woot*

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