What way…

What a way to start my day by reading THIS piece of crap in The NY Times. I’m so pissed at this article that I have nothing intelligent to say. All I could do this morning is swear like a sailor and then swear some more.

Isa wrote a little something about it over at her LJ. She seems to be able to put into words how frustrated I am… but the 3 hour time difference she has to digest this piece of crap article probably helped. I can’t wait to wrestle Isa… I’m going to smother her with love.

That poor baby didn’t die because he was vegan… he died because of uneducated parents. I’ve met plenty of nutritionally uneducated meaty parents … this isn’t a vegan issue.

So to make me feel better I went over to The Herbivore Blog and looked at photos of Ruby who is a shining example of a healthy vegan baby who is going to grow up and change the world!! Go Rubes! Go!

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