Why do my a-hole neighbours above me (Yes boys I’m talking about you)  only seem to party and make stupid “I’m a privileged frat-boy who’s Daddy bought me an apartment so I can be a loud douche without thinking/caring about my neighbours” noises on the nights I have to get up early the next day?

How is that possible that they always seem to know when I need to get up early? Do they teach that skill at Douche College?

I’m making an impromptu visit to Vancouver today to visit my niece and I wanted to be in good form for her but I may just fall asleep in her lap after last night’s mere 6 hours sleep. I’m not a happy camper when I don’t get enough sleep, especially when I have to travel alone and do all the driving. Ugh.

Plus poor Gerry was sawing logs all night … so couple that with the sounds of drunk a-holes coming home at 1:30am to play guitar and sing loudly (who thinks that’s a good idea at that time of night?) made for a very bad nights sleep.

I put in ANOTHER complaint to the strata and I’m done being nice and understanding.

We had to have a “meeting” a while back with The A-Hole boys and their Dad so we could explain to them that the sounds we hear during the day are no big deal but that after 12am at night we need them to keep it down – which I don’t think it’s an outrageous request and BTW I think 12am is pretty generous of us. Normally strata rules say 11pm. Their Dad said they would be on their best behaviour – yet I have to call up there at least once a month to tell them to pipe down.

Granted once a month is better then when I had to call every couple of days … so that’s nice … but hearing party/garageband/ping-pong/men drinking shotgun and yelling like they invented fire sounds after 12am is not ok.


I’m done ranting now. Let us pray that this is the last time I hear from those boys … otherwise payback is going to be a bitch and her name is SARAH!

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