New Years

Are you going to celebrate your new years by un-wrapping your 2010 Go Vegan calendar?

Send me photos of you and where you hang your calendar. I want to see!!  🙂

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  1. Shannen Leigh says:

    Dear Sarah Kramer,

    On Dec. 23rd I decided that 2010 was the year I would go vegan. On boxing day my brother and I were driving from Victoria to Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal so I could get home to my much adored cat in Vancouver. Before the ferry terminal, he took a right, turning into the quaint little town of Sydney. He said there was a book store he wanted to stop at to buy a magazine. I said “Great, I need a calendar” Inside I found a bin with many calendars of various themes. I started leafing through them and Ta Da! There you were! Bright, Beautiful and Vegan.

    It’s a great calendar. Can’t wait to try your recipes. I admire your commitment to a cruelty free lifestyle. You are inspirational. Thank you.

    Shannen Leigh

  2. nikki says:

    My is already being used and hanging up on my fridge right where everyone can see it. I love it. I also love how the boxes on it are big enough to write in, good job

  3. Mine is also up, but I still have my Bruce Lee calendar that I neglected to give to my other brother; since I didn’t send it to him, it was already May and it was too late to send it out, so that’s why it’s blocking your beautiful face until January 1st.
    I should just chuck BL for yours regardless!

  4. E.K. says:

    We hung your calender up today! Bumblebee barked with excitement.

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