Guided Meditations …

I’ve been using guided meditations for many years as a way to deal with stress, pain and as a way to take a few moments to center myself. I thought I’d share my fav ones.
They’re all actually by the same woman – Stin Hansen – and are available for free on Itunes. These are my top 3.

Zzzzzz: is what I use when I can’t sleep or if I’m trying to take a nap.

Body Change: is for when I am carrying too much stress in my body.

Meditatation for Headaches and other pain: is amazing. Anytime I have a tension headache or a migraine sneaking up I do this meditation. It’s only 13 minutes long and it works wonders for me. I can’t seem to find this on itunes anymore but I found it (and all of her other meditations) on GrooveShark.

I have these on my iphone and use them often. Just never driving. NEVER! 🙂
Only do them when you have the time and space to meditate.

Do you guys have any guided meditations you’d like to share?

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