Cleaning …

I know I’m feeling more like myself because I’ve been cleaning my house like a crazy person. Ha ha.

If you’re a reader of my blog you know I love to clean/organize but I was also really inspired by my friend Michael’s blog. He’s doing a big clean-out of his apartment and it motivated me to spend some of this down time getting busy.  🙂

I spent 2 days cleaning/organizing my main closet. It houses my linen, assorted sundries, tools, etc. I threw out/recycled everything that was outdated and got rid of anything I haven’t used in a while.

One box has paint supplies. One box has tools. One box has all my travel accessories. I organize all the nuts and bolts (literally). It feels great to have everything in it’s proper place.


One of the shelves is just for my jewelry. Everyone has a jewelry closet right? 🙂


The other thing I’ve been doing is taking care of Fergus. He had some dental work done and since they were putting him under for the dental we decided to remove a few benign “old man lumps” that keep getting nicked at the dog groomer.

We take Fergus to Kindred Spirits Vet and they are fantastic. If you are looking for a vet in the #YYJ – please take your furbaby to them. Allyson is our vet and we LOVE her. She’s kind, caring, thorough and doesn’t jump to drugs first to fix everything. The staff there is excellent as well. Love them!!!

They let me stay with Fergus while they gave him some “relaxing” drugs. Gerry and I sat with him for about 30 minutes while he got sleepy. He was cuddly in my arms for a while and then he got too heavy so I moved him to the exam table and snuggled him until he fell asleep.


The dental tech told me that dogs do much better under anesthetic when they are able to fall asleep while they are calm. She was also excited to be able to hold Fergus while he was so dozy. She never gets to cuddle him when we come in for visits. Probably has something to do with her being the one who also does his anal glands. 🙂

I thought I was going to be a sobbing mess leaving my sleepy baby to have surgery but being able to be with him while he fell asleep was nice. It made me feel so much better knowing he was calm and not stressed.

He did great. He didn’t have to have any extractions and his teeth are BEAUTIFUL now and his breath is so much better. The clinic sent me a photo of Fergus after his surgery.


He was so stoned when I brought him home but it didn’t take him long to bounce back. He ate dinner that night with no hesitation and we had 4-5 mellow exercise days (don’t want to mess up the stitches). He’s doing great.

The only sad thing is that he has to wear a cone when we go to bed so he doesn’t chew out his stitches but he’s such a good boy… he doesn’t make a fuss when I put the cone on. He moans a little (ha ha) but he doesn’t fight it.


I also know I’m feeling more like myself because I caught myself fake-tap dancing in the hallway. I stopped cold and started laughing … I’m such a goof! 🙂

I also know I’m feeling a little more like myself because I’ve been hanging out a little at Tattoo Zoo and visiting Gerry.


But you know what happens when you hang out at a tattoo shop…


Whoops! I couldn’t help myself. I needed a little Purple Yoda magical power to get me through this upcoming radiation. 🙂

Radiation starts tomorrow. I’m nervous … I hope the next 5 weeks go by quickly. I can’t imagine how much of a slog going to the cancer center EVERY SINGLE DAY for radiation is going to be… Ugh.

But I’m ready. Like my friend Bif says “Remember: RAD is the First Word in Radiation!” Let’s do this!

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8 Responses to Cleaning …

  1. Endeavor Longmire says:

    I did not know about radiation. I will look west and send positive thoughts and prayers your way. Survivor energy. Go be Rad.

  2. Sasha says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey Sarah. You are one brave lady!

    My 12 & 14 year old scruff beasts are having dentals soon, so I’m going to ask if I can do what you did.

    I’ll be shooting over magical radiation vibes from Australia to you!

  3. Denise (@veggieDee) says:

    This is such a postive and happy post! I am so happy to read that you are feeling better and more like yourself.

    Poor little Fergus, almost looks like stoned yoga in his little purple coat! Glad to see him doing well and having less stinky puppy breath!

    Lots of hugs,

    Denise in Toronto area

  4. Rebecca says:

    Wow what a change! I am so glad you are feeling better hope the RAD keeps your energy and mood up.
    I could not imagine ever feeling like cleaning and organizing my house ah well I still do it.
    Purple power is an awesome thing to have so glad you went for it. Plus purple is the color for the crown Chakra or energy center so again good choice.

  5. Maria says:

    Hope it goes well! We have been thinking of you and hoping that all of this is soon a distant memory.

  6. Sara G says:

    Good luck with your radiation friend! I’m glad to hear you’re in good spirits. 🙂

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