Good Life Cleanse – Day 2

8:05am: Wow. I slept like a log last night. As most of you know – I am a terrible light sleeper and I suffer from hot-flashes, insomnia and occasional late night “am I going to die” anxiety so when I woke this morning I was in shock that I hadn’t woken up once during the night.

In the middle of the night Gerry got up and went over to my side of the bed to adjust a lamp that had mysteriously turned itself back on and I didn’t even wake up!! Normally I would have woken up the second he shifted the blanket. Crazy.

I also wasn’t hungry when I woke up. I thought I would be famished but I felt just fine – I drank my 16oz glass of water (I love water) and then made a cup of tea and sat and looked at my phone.

10955317_1625217551047738_399017998_n8:32am: Gerry’s mum just texted me to wish me a happy anniversary! OH MY GOD!! What would we do without her? She always reminds us about our anniversary. Why can’t we ever remember. Ha ha.

19 years ago I married my best friend. When I first met him (oh so long ago) I thought “This guy is different. He loves his parents. He talks so sweetly to his mother on the phone. He helped me pay for cat-food. I should marry him.

So I did. And it was the best decision my young 27 year old self made. We’ve been by each others side for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health and I love him more now then I ever understood about true love when I was a 27 year old baby woman hoping to find a loving life partner. Boy-howdy. Did I ever hit the jackpot with Gerry. 🙂

9:04am: Gerry and I drank our morning juice together. There was a lot of snuggling, kissing and general affection. This juice cleanse is awesome.

9:08am: I am skipping Aquafit today because I have Aquafit at 1:30pm with my Encore group and I don’t want to overtax myself.

10:07am: Time to bake cookies for today’s potluck. Just looking at the jar of chocolate chips is making my mouth water. I’m procrastinating …

10723948_1563804347234720_259559407_n10:12am: Got a message from Good Life Cleanse. They think because of my Aquafit that I should be doing the Athlete’s Cleanse so I am now bumping up from 6 bottles to 7 bottles a day. Damn. I should have gone to Aquafit this morning … oh well.  🙂

11:05am: Walked Gerry to work. I swear I can smell every flower in the world right now. Is that a cleanse thing? Or just a spring thing? God-damn it’s a beautiful day.

My 11am juice is so good. Fennel, spinach, pear, and lime (only mine doesn’t have lime). I bet it would be soooo good with lime. WHY Citrus? Why don’t you like me?

11:30am: Time to bake cookies for my potluck.

11:31am: Ugh. I don’t want to bake anything. The thought of the smell of vanilla, coconut and chocolate chips is too much … I decided to make the Righteous Orbs from the GoVegan! w/Sarah Kramer iPhone App.

o_9n8gwPYG2RZhHzHJeooStxcLIeKsYTNqgKrvPkcSp47_dmmAOBLvm7jWJYrt__AxUUuM0XY4SXNaQMcCDp1FWpc894pHXY_iQYUBSTr7BI6OgeuXm5IJeUkBYWmM3Cgqt-G5MB5F8XbiUgR8EmGu_Vb9R22KNDLuP58-KE0V9gzYohMvusHEs5JumG_e4biXp9_kOAOzq4-zZClTPWnMWnx_hTUbvYc11:45pm: Ooops. I ate one.

12:19pm: Time for water water water! I love drinking water. Everyone always asks me how I can drink so much water – and the trick is that it’s ALL I normally drink. In my regular every day life I don’t do pop or juice or coffee.

I drink water all day – every day and I even find myself craving water. I can chug back 2 large glasses …like it’s water. ha ha. 😉

Every once in a blue moon I’ll have something that isn’t water but more often then not I just want a big glass of water.

For the cleanse – I put 3-4 slices of cucumber into a pitcher of water and put it in the fridge. It’s a nice way to flavour your water.

1:30pm: Hit the pool with my Encore ladies and we got our Aquafit on!! 🙂

3:30pm: oooh. I felt a little woozy there for a second but it passed. My stomach is bubbling like crazy so I went to the bathroom and farted the longest loudest craziest fart. I’m so glad I was alone in the bathroom. ha ha. Now I feel great.

10953145_1637967109759992_2074748207_n5:oopm: I’m home!! I made it through the potluck without eating. Had my juice and my water and it was actually fine – until I started to help clean up the food table and I reached for a grape to shove in my mouth. Isn’t it crazy how unconsciously we shove food into our mouths??

5:15pm: Gerry and I celebrated our anniversary together by drinking our dinner juices together. Awwww.

I’ve noticed that the last 2 days of juicing that I have the most difficult time during my 1pm juice and my 3pm juice. By the time I get to my 5pm juice I am fine … what is that I wonder? Any thoughts? I’m drinking tons of water in between all my juices. Hmmmm.

9:42pm: I’ve hit a wall. I’m over it. Why am I doing this? I’m out.

9:43pm: I drank a giant glass of water and I feel much better. I’M BACK IN!! 🙂

9:58pm: I am ready for bed. I plan on taking it much easier tomorrow … might stay in my pajamas all day.


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  1. David Miller says:

    Fight the good fight, Sarah. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.
    Lotsa love,
    ~ David and Cathryn

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