Good Life Cleanse – Day 1

Day 1 of our 7 day juice cleanse. I actually woke up nervous. How am I going to only drink juice (plus 1 creamy cashew drink) for 7 days??

I also woke up nervous about my daily Aquafit. It’s very important for me to go work-out every day because it makes my body feel so good. I want to continue doing my aquafit and Good Life Cleanse encourages you to stay active in their FAQ – but I’m probably going to have to scale it back a bit to make sure I don’t over-tax my body.

Zs1nUEwdE9dhNjVjbhsu2gaO13JTH7bhfCtqPNotl1WnsjdTMGu_1CEvKuI7cQ7k28SWPJ5aihIS56rrTPjshZlNJ1niXyx0Cg2KvbJFG-hbyGCPecMHFDHoP23eEoGWhOcvsImCS6TQ9akDAo0Y0JlO7-IvGPwym9UrMIdIvAz1FH2sq1to5dpD-DjjKKd7CtpT-MzzXPnOAzBC48Et6LLI59Kkn9UML8am: The cleanse comes with a pdf booklet explaining how the cleanse works and when my juice arrived yesterday – it came with a small insert that explains how to do your cleanse.

I started my day (as instructed) with a big glass of water and then a cup of hot water and lemon. Only I can’t do citrus (it rips my insides apart) so I had a cup of camomile tea instead.

Good Life Cleanse has kindly customized my cleanse to be citrus free for me. 🙂

9am: Gerry and I drank our first juice and we were both moaning with pleasure. Have you ever had cold-pressed juice before? It’s very different then juice that’s put through a centrifugal juicer. There is zero pulp and it tastes incredible.

9:20am: I just went pee and it was perfectly clear but I’m not surprised. I ‘ve had 16 oz of water + 8 oz of tea + 16 oz of juice … I think I am going to be doing a lot of peeing this week. 🙂

10am: Hit the pool and did aquafit. It went just fine … I just made sure instead of giving 110% like I normally do I just gave it 60%. Honestly all I could think about the whole time I was in the pool – was the next juice that was waiting for me to drink. In the locker room it seemed like all anyone was talking about was food and I felt like I was going insane. Ha ha.

11am: Had my juice and then ran a few errands. Came home and walked the dog. Drank water. Had a cup of tea.

1pm: Had my juice and about 20 minutes later my stomach started making noises. Lots of burbling, bubbling and movement. Then I had a bowel movement. My 3rd of the day!! This one was less then stellar but my stomach stopped making noises and everything settled down.

1:30pm: Sitting on the sofa studying for my Y exam on Sunday and cuddling with fergus and drinking a tea. He looks like a little delicious perogy … and I’m thinking about eating him… Wait. That’s not right. I must be hungry.

3pm: I am really anxious for food. There is an uneaten avocado sitting in my kitchen and it’s calling out to me “EAT ME. EAT ME” I don’t want to open my juice yet – because I am waiting for someone from Craigslist to come and pick up a piece of furniture I’m selling. Why are they always late? Or promise to be there at a certain time and then never show up. I even give them my cell number so they can text me if they can’t make it … Just show up on time. With money. ON TIME! 🙁 I think I’m cranky.

3:15pm: The dude is still not here and I just saw my jar of peanut butter taunting me from the pantry. What a dick.

3:21pm: He’s still not here but texted that he’s on his way. Should I take a sip of my next juice? Yes. I’m throwing caution to the wind and opening up my next juice.

3:22pm: I opened my juice and guess who knocked on my door 3o seconds later. I showed Craigslist guy and his girlfriend the bookcase I’m selling. It’s $20. They took 15 minutes to look at it with a fine tooth comb and wanted to know if there was wiggle room on the price. It’s a TWENTY F##king DOLLAR bookcase! It’s not going to be perfect or amazing or like something you buy from the store. Ugh. People are the worst. He didn’t buy the bookcase.

3:32pm: Had my juice. Feeling better but still pissed at the Craigslist Ding-Dong. I might just put the bookcase out on the curb for free just to spite him.

3:45pm: Oh no! I ate the avocado.

3:52pm: I drank a large glass of water. Excuse the animal-ism but I am peeing like a race horse!! Where does that expression come from? Do race horses pee more then wild horses?

screen-capture-35:03pm: Took the dog for a nice walk. Time for another juice … My stomach is rumbling but I’m feeling pretty good. I have a different Craigslist person coming to look at the bookcase. Cross your fingers they buy it.  🙂

5:04pm: YES!! They bought it. I’m $20 richer!!

6:15pm: Picked up Gerry from work and all I can think about is that cashew milk drink that I get to have at 7:30pm. Nom. Nom. Nom.

I don’t think you have to be super regimented about the juices – but I love a schedule – so I’ve planned to drink the 5 juices (+1 creamy cashew) every 2 hours throughout the day. That takes me from 9am to 7pm. I’m going to try to wait til 7:30 before I have my final drink. What time is it?

8pm: I didn’t even realize what time it is … TIME FOR MY CASHEW CREAM drink! Nom Nom Nom. What a delish way to end my first day.

Tomorrow I have my final Encore at the Y for the winter season and we are having a pot-luck tomorrow afternoon to celebrate. So I have to bake some cookies … what a terrible thing I’ve chosen to do. ha ha. How am I going to survive?? And then tomorrow I’m going to have to watch all my friends eat. Oy Vey! Wish me luck.

If you’re interested in joining me to do a Good Life Cleanse use the code: govegangogoodlife  for 15% off your order (good until April 15th).


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