Good Life Cleanse – Day 3

6:45am: I slept really well again last night but I woke up with anxiety … woke up stressing about the doctors appointment I have with my surgeon next week. We are meeting to talk about my “deconstruction” and having my other breast removed so I can be flat & fabulous instead of lopsided & uncomfortable.

I’m nervous because I really want to be flat. I’m so over having one boob … OVER IT! But I’m also nervous about the surgery. Actually mostly nervous about the recovery time and how long it will take me before I’m back in the pool.  🙂

main8:04am: Oh. I guess I fell back to sleep. Thank you Square Breathing.

8:19am: Had my water. Now I’m having my tea. I’m not even thinking about food …

10am: Went to aquafit. Did my class and scaled back a bit. I did get a little woozy when I walked into the changeroom. I walked right into a locker door. Ha ha. I was fine.

11:05am: Met Gerry at TZ and we sat out front of the shop and drank our Good Life juices. The weather today is INCREDIBLE! Super warm fresh smelling spring breezes. The sun is warm on my skin. I love it!!

11:27am: I feel like cocooning today. I always find day 3 the hardest. Day 3 of chemo was always the worst. Day 3 after my surgery was the most uncomfortable. Day 3 of my cleanse. Same. I sat on the couch to say hi to Fergus and I fell asleep about 30 seconds later.

12:19pm: Was woken up by a text from my best bestie Shoshana. As we were gossiping on the phone I walked into the kitchen and almost opened up a bag of Hippie Foods Coconut Chips to nosh on while we chatted. I was going to shove food in my  mouth for no reason. It’s kind of fascinating to be forced to confront your unconscious eating habits. So weird. Moved from the couch to bed. Fell asleep again.

1:11pm: Auntie Bonnie called. Woke me up (it’s my fault. I should have put the phone on silent) but we had a nice long talk. 🙂

3:30pm: Still laying here.

4:15pm: Still laying around.

4:47: I finally got up and had a shower. Put on my eyebrows and I am now partially dressed. I still don’t have any pants on. I’m not even sure where they are??  🙂

My stomach has been burbly all day. My 1pm and 3pm juice seem to cause my gut distress. I wonder if it’s the time of day or the ingredients? I had my 5pm juice early. I am not hungry but I am craving my next juice. Yum. Yummy.

I’ve had a few people ask me why I’m doing a juice cleanse. I love to do a cleanse. Remember when I did the Banana Island Cleanse?? I do them for lots of different reasons – I really enjoy the challenge of it. I’ve always found that the first 3-4 days are the most challenging and then by the 5,6,7th day I feel AMAZING. Full of energy and mental clarity.

It’s like cleaning out the attic of all the junk and cobwebs.

The last 2 years have been full of breast cancer treatment and I went through chemo, radiation and copious amounts of medications. Because of my extreme nausea during treatment I couldn’t eat like I normally do (fresh/vegan) … I ate white bread and white crackers and drank gingerale. Ugh. I feel sick just thinking about it.

I’m back on track now. I’m feeling awesome. I’m physically strong again … so I wanted shake out the cobwebs and clean out the attic.

5:14pm: My new batch of juice arrived for the next 3 days. I snapped at Gerry when I came to pick them up. He said something and I slammed a drawer shut and was SO mad but now I don’t even remember why. I guess I am hangry. I need my 5pm juice.  🙂

10518136_1598082583811583_749192578_n8:34pm: My favourite part of the day is snuggling with Fergus and drinking my cashew cream.

10:54pm: Gerry and I stayed up late binge watching House of Cards. Time for bed. So. Tired.

If you’re interested in joining me do a Good Life Cleanse – use the code: govegangogoodlife for 15% off your order (until April 15th).


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3 Responses to Good Life Cleanse – Day 3

  1. Cécile says:

    Oh they didn’t ship to Québec 🙁

  2. David Miller says:

    Something about Day 3 of any big undertaking? Day 3 of a long distance trek or cycle tour always seems to be the tough one for us.
    Cheering you on amidst the snows of Saskatchewan,
    ~ David and Cathryn

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