Contest Time!!

Wahooo! Silver Hills Bread hooked me up with a give-a-way prize that consists of 5 coupons for free Silver Hills Bread and a T-shirt of one of their zany characters.

But don’t fret if you you don’t live in a area where you can purchase Silver Hills. If you win the contest they will send you two T-shirts instead!! 🙂

So what should the contest be?

Hmmmm…. How about you leave a comment in the comments section with your favourite, most creative (non-sexual) vegan thing to do with bread and I will pick a winner on Friday!

Before I was vegan my favourite toast topping was cottage cheese and ketchup. When I think about it now it kind of makes me gag…

Someone (I think my besty best friend Shoshana) told me that this crazy concoction was Richard Nixon’s favourite thing to eat…

I always thought she was full of “cottage cheese” but I googled Richard Nixon, Cottage Cheese and Ketchup and got a lot of hits. *laugh* Who knew?  🙂

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