Check out this crazy painting that Laura did of me!! 🙂

Laura based the painting on one of the photos from the 10th anniversary edition of HIAV. Thank you Laura!!

My favourite thing about this photo is that Laura is doing “The Fonzi”!!

I learned how to do “The Fonzi” from Fonzi himself! 🙂

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2 Responses to Wowzers

  1. Holly says:

    Beautiful painting! Very realistic.

  2. Laura Kaidar says:

    Aaayyyyy, the Fonz! I love your counter-picture! I would have to fight off the urge to bust out my best Wayne-and-Garth-meet-Alice-Cooper type gesture if I were standing next to either one of you in that photo. Thank you for the mention and for continuously satisfying my eager stomach and taste buds! 😀 All the best!

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