Lil' Beaky

Thank you all so much for your entries! Some of you do crazy things with bread (I’m talking to you Nova).

Cat’s story about Lil’ Beaky made me smile and reminded me of the joy we can feel when we compassionately share our living space with animals … Cat wins the prize package from Silver Hills.

This is possibly not the sort of story you had in mind, but I thought I’d share in honour of Lil’ Beaky…

When myself and himself moved into our first apartment together, I found it really hard to get used to. I’d always lived near a park or the sea, and we were suddenly in a high rise surrounded by banking buildings. So, on our tiny balcony I tried to create a tiny nature reserve. I built bee boxes, butterfly feeders, planted wild flowers and I had a tonne of bird feeders. We soon had all the lil’ creatures we could hope for taking a rest stop outside our window.

Then one day we had a new arrival – a newly fledged magpie who had no top beak (soon to become known as Lil’ Beaky). He tried a few times to eat from our feeders, but his broken beak wouldn’t let him. I left lots of food out on plates, but he just couldn’t manage them. Then I tried some water-soaked bread and we hit the jackpot! He came to our balcony everyday for a year – sitting patiently on the roof of the building across from us if I hadn’t filled up his plate since his last visit.

At the time I was a poor student, so I like to think that when he disappeared, it was because he found himself a balcony with a fancier batch of bread, and maybe some bottled water 🙂

And big thanks to Silver Hills for sharing their awesome bread with the Go Vegan readers!!

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  1. nova says:

    Seriously. Try it. It’s the best when you’re hung over, haha.

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