I know it sounds crazy that a hard-core vegan like me would feed her companion animal the BARF diet but I don’t believe that dogs do well LONG TERM on a vegan diet.

I’ve done LOTS of research and it’s my personal opinion that a long-term vegan diet for dogs is not the way to go. Sure they can maintain moderate health on a vegan diet (for a while) but I am looking for optimal long-term health for Fergus!! 🙂

So I do my best to make as little impact as possible. I buy local. I buy organic and for me the proof is in the pudding. Fergus was vegan for many years and had moderate health. Once we switched him to BARF he became a super-dog. Healthy, happy and without any health issues.

If you would still like to donate to help Dexter but don’t want your $$ to go towards his food – just let me know.  Thanks again for your help.  🙂

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am very glad to hear you of all people promoting meat eating for dogs. (that was not meant to come off snarky, I mean because people listen to you and look to you for guidance so it is awesome!) There are many vegans out there who believe that because they are happy and healthy on a vegan diet that their dogs and cats should be too, but they are naturally carnivores, we are naturally herbavores but have been raised by society to be omnivores. I took animals out of my diet 18 years ago, but will always feed my dogs and cats on high quality diets that include animals as they need it, and I want them to stay healthy and with me for as long as possible. Thank you for this post, I think it is very very important!

  2. Wow, I think it’s awesome that you feed your dog meat and I really respect and admire your courage to speak about it as a vegan. My husband and I are both vegan (have been for almost 5 years, vegetarian for 2 years before that) and we feed our dogs meat too. I’ve always felt really guilty about it, as a vegan, and it was always something I avoided talking about as not to seem hypocritical. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that you (someone I hold in the greatest esteem because of your strong vegan ethics) also care enough about your dogs health to put his needs before your own personal ethical choices.

    Much love to you and Gerry, Fergus and Dexter!

  3. Shannon says:

    Hi Sarah

    My mom and I are long time vegetarians and decided to start feeding our dog the BARF diet as well…We too also buy local and organic and since he started the BARF diet we’ve seen a HUGE change in his health and activity levels and it’s now been 6 years since we switched. I feel comfortable with this because I feel he was meant to eat me and since the change of diet I have seen his health and quality of life increase.
    All the best to you, Gerry, Fergus and Dexter…I love your blog and read it everyday.

    ps. Your vegan Nanaimo bars are to DIE FOR!

  4. Shannon says:

    Sorry I meant to say that I feel he was ” MEANT” to eat me….Not eat ME as previously stated :o)

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