I know it sounds crazy that a hard-core vegan like me would feed her companion animal the BARF diet but I don’t believe that dogs do well LONG TERM on a vegan diet.

I’ve done LOTS of research and it’s my personal opinion that a long-term vegan diet for dogs is not the way to go. Sure they can maintain moderate health on a vegan diet (for a while) but I am looking for optimal long-term health for Fergus!! 🙂

So I do my best to make as little impact as possible. I buy local. I buy organic and for me the proof is in the pudding. Fergus was vegan for many years and had moderate health. Once we switched him to BARF he became a super-dog. Healthy, happy and without any health issues.

If you would still like to donate to help Dexter but don’t want your $$ to go towards his food – just let me know.  Thanks again for your help.  🙂

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