How you can help Dexter

I have received a few letters from readers who want to help Dexter…

Here’s a list of what he needs:

  • He needs a check-up (it’s been over a year) and possible medication if it turns out his peeing in the house is a bladder infection
  • He needs a couple of beds (one for the office, one for the kitchen)
  • He needs a Thundershirt (to help with anxiety)
  • He needs a harness & leash (right now he’s using all of Fergus’s gear)
  • He needs a City of Victoria license (his license is due for renewal Jan 1st)
  • I need Nature’s Miracle (to help clean up the pee and make the smell redundant)
  • Lastly and more importantly he needs good quality food. I currently feed Fergus a BARF diet and I’d like to switch Dexter to it as well – but it can get pricey.

What I’ve done is set up a PAYPAL button so if you’d like to donate some $$ to Dexters rehabilitation you may. In exchange you will receive a photo of Dexter (and maybe Fergus if I can get them to pose together)  🙂

Once Dexter is rehabilitated I will be working with BC Poodle and Small Dog Rescue to re-home him. Any $$ that’s left over from your donation will be re-gifted to them.



I know it’s a tough time of year to part with $$ so any amount you can swing will be appreciated and of course I will keep you updated on his progress via the blog.

Thanks guys! You rock! 🙂

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