In other news …

I went and had a small spot on my “bug” arm zapped with a laser to see if laser removal is a possibility for me. I’ve never really been happy with the tattoos on my left arm and with laser I can erase what I don’t like and start again.  🙂 My goal is to “lighten” the area (not completely remove) and then cover up my arm with something MUCHO more awesome.

It’s not as painful as it looks in the photo … Click on the photo if you want to see high-res.  🙂

It looks like the bugs are going to disappear quite easily. They were done single-needle and are already really fine/light. The stars on the other hand have thick out-lines but I just want to fade them out so I can cover them up.

I had the procedure done without any numbing cream (I’m so bad-ass) and it felt like someone was snapping a rubber band on my arm. It hurt but it wasn’t any worse then getting the tattoo. And it was FAST! I was in and out of the laser chair in less than 5 minutes. So now we’ll see how it heals up (and hopefully disappears) … and if it works well I’m going to do the rest of my arm! Wahoooo!

Can I write this off as a business expense?? 🙂

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3 Responses to In other news …

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I was wondering (if you dont mind my asking) how much they charged you for that?

  2. Miranda says:

    Ouch that looks like it hurts!
    I would really love to laser my chinese symbols before having gerry attempt to cover them but they are much thicker than your star so I don’t know how successful that would be

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