I was thinking about my last post as I was walking the dog and I wanted to add a few more thoughts…

Reading labels is part of a vegan lifestyle and while I will admit that it’s kind of a drag sometimes to look for hidden non-vegan ingredients in products – it’s part of the commitment we make when we decide to go vegan.

I think it’s really fantastic that suddenly there are all kinds of vegan products in the stores that have the word “vegan” used as part of their labeling because it sure makes searching for items a lot easier.

But with the word “vegan” becoming the newest catch-phrase to sell products – one of my concerns is that we as a community will become lazy when it comes to reading labels.

It’s important to remember that we’re not just reading labels for non-vegan ingredients but also to read what company produces that product.

Companies that continue to test/abuse animals should not be supported and that is why I use my hard earned money to support vegan-friendly companies.

I think that’s all for now … Have fun shopping.  *laugh*

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