New desk …

I went to Tattoo Zoo at the crack of dawn today to wait for The Fed-Ex delivery dude to bring our new front cashier desk. They told me they would be there between 10am-2pm. Well … at 2:30 the guy strolled in. Bah.  🙁

FINALLY  I was able to put it together (with a little help from Chris & Gerry).

It came in a flat-pack (similar to Ikea) but with instructions that were so messed up it was nearly impossible to figure out.

3 hours later (it should NOT have taken that long *laugh*) … we have a desk! Yippee!

Next weekend we paint … The new coat of paint is going to make this place look fresh as a daisy!! So excited.   🙂

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  1. Hayley Hurl says:

    Looks incredible!!!

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